The Promised Neverland, Chapter 111

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      1. Phil

        that and the fact they killed those kids who wanted to live and also spared him but died anyway that bs straight bs

        and he kiddnapped me

    1. Cooki

      Righttttt like I don’t wanna sound heartless but….

      Those brats did that to themselves 🤦‍♀️ they really should have just listened to Emma.

  1. daggergirl

    first off. We almost got an answer but WTF HAPPENED TO PHIL HELLOOO IM BEGGING WHEN DO WE GET THE INFORMATION WE NEED. second for some reason i really can’t bring myself to hate andrew LOL he’s awful but i don’t feel anything. actually he made emma ray n oliver sad so for that he deserves to suffer but i rly do not dislike him. like he looks like THAT and he’s still alive, that’s some serious dedication

  2. kousdollarstorewife

    can this fucker just die already, didn’t ray say he could probably kill a human? why didn’t the just say fuck it and shoot that burnt chicken?

  3. Haha...Children Farms

    I don’t know why but that owl had been bugging on my head despite all of this happening. I’ve seen this owl before they got attacked, on the previous chapter, and the opening of this chapter too. There was a panel that I’ve seen on previous chapters not so far from here that a guy with long hair, who I’m assuming is Peter Patrir, having an owl on his arm. I have a theory that he’s probably been watching them.