The Promised Neverland, Chapter 102

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        1. sn4ilfish

          no, it’s been 1 year and 7 months. at the beginning it said it was september 2047, then the next scene said it was july 2046, so it was like the opposite of a time skip i guess. half a month later, they left for another 7 months, so when they return its february 2047. they leave again, and we can pretty safely assume that it took them 7 months too, making it september 2047.

        2. Night Apple Is Poison Apple

          no they probably did those seven months of exploration in the year that passed by. remember emma saying she’ll save theothers within two years?

  1. blep

    I meannnnnnnnn……… Gilda with a bun looks hella cute though owo

    What is wrong with me, I have a crush on Ray, Norman, Emma, and now Gilda?! T-T

      1. sn4ilfish

        they’re probably 13-14, as that’s what make of the majority of the promised neverland’s audience is made up of.

  2. My Dumb Lesbian A**

    if i wasn’t lesbian i would totally have a crush on Ray, he’s me favorite character

    also if it’s been a year and more than a half doesn’t that mean the most kids back at Grace Field are 6 now and can get shipped off.