The Promised Neverland, Chapter 105

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  1. Hi mom im famous

    Is this a waste of quality supply? Was that the point to keep then alive, they are property. I dunno but i wish they were alive

    1. Com

      It’s because they don’t care about “merchandise.” They just want people trying to break their peace or order dead. They don’t find pleasure eating humans, and that’s why it doesn’t bother them.

    1. raya

      I mean, Emma isn’t reading a manga and stressing out, Emma is fricking living it. Like, try to imagine, if you stress out because of reading this, imagine living it.

      1. Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_

        How would he know EXACTLY where they were if he never went Emma never told him because she didn’t even know at the time until chapter 4,5 I’m sorry but do not disrespect my baby 😒💅✨🔪

      2. Night Apple Is Poison Apple

        dumb fuck phil never knew where they hid even emma didn’t know when she escaped so how tf is phil supposed to know that

    1. Jessica

      Ray didn´t lost his ear, he removed the ship. The one that lost her ear was Emma, it was in a bucket…
      Sorry for bad english btw hehe

  2. DandelionFluff

    Some people in comments are doing weird assumptions about different stuff going on like guys- PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU READ, srsly