17 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 105

  1. Wait the ones who got shot were one of the kids right? How did they fall from the ladder? Or are they the “allies”???

    Zeta Reply

    1. They were kids. The went ahead and climbed up ig and were shot down. Rossi couldn’t warn them in time.

      Ru Reply

  2. Is this a waste of quality supply? Was that the point to keep then alive, they are property. I dunno but i wish they were alive

    Hi mom im famous Reply

  3. Why is Emma so loud for ? I’m so stress I want everyone to be safe.

    g_aloys Reply

      1. How would he know EXACTLY where they were if he never went Emma never told him because she didn’t even know at the time until chapter 4,5 I’m sorry but do not disrespect my baby 😒💅✨🔪

        Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_ Reply

    1. Ray didn´t lost his ear, he removed the ship. The one that lost her ear was Emma, it was in a bucket…
      Sorry for bad english btw hehe

      Jessica Reply

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