The Promised Neverland, Chapter 108

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    OMG NOOOOO! when you get done with your first period of online class and start reading manga and your favorite character dies so now you start crying and you need to go to a class in 2 minutes :’)

    1. just someone

      i am in a lecture RN… and I am trying soooooo hard to control my emotions so that the teacher doesn’t realize that I am not paying attention

      1. Com

        Wow. I really didn’t know that so many of us were ditching. I got so distracted once that class ended and I was the only left in the zoom call.

  2. Cooki

    Head empty. Only tears and lack of knowing what to comment on this chapter.

    “I’m crying.” That’s a good comment, right? I just can’t seem to find the perfect thing to describe how moved I am by this moment.

    1. Vannah

      Even though they are most likely dead ,
      I have hope.. just a sliver of hope..
      That one of them is still alive..*sniff sniff*


    Oh boy what a crazy chapter ): this was a great read. Super sad about this but this just makes this story even better ngl. Too much emotions!! I’m on sadness overload but am satisfied with how good this story is !!

  4. g_aloys

    … I wasn’t prepared I said I was preparing myself to said goodbye to them but I’m not… Im sorry Yuugo and Lucas you couldn’t see Humans being at peace

  5. simpfor2Dcharacters

    As soon as we first saw Yuugo I knew he was going to die, so i’m already prepared. And have locked my heart U-U.

  6. W*y *o * ev** *r*.

    Single tear 😢

    No but actually only one of my eyes water up when I’m sad, but if I’m full on crying then it’s both eyes idk I’m weird.

  7. Killua

    I’m actually crying in class . So many of my favorite characters have already died now them. Words can’t explain how I feel.

  8. Daddy_Escanor

    It is ironical how he was only doing as they asked to avoid the shelter being destroyed when in fact it was him who actually did it.

  9. Alin Radu

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭 These motherfuckers, I knew that they were going to make us hate him hate at the beginning, and the make us cry at his death.