The Promised Neverland, Chapter 109

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47 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 109


      super simp🤡 Reply

  1. this hurt me. i really thought yuugo was alive but it was just emma’s imagination 🙁 at least they’re happy now

    ARMIN Reply

    1. they always have a way of making u feel like they never died. 😭 they did the same with Norman a few times. My heart is not built for that omg

      sheso_nadi Reply

  2. i really thought they were alive for a moment, god dammit. fuck that. thats not fair. that fuckin hurt, man. ouch.

    //Yuugo||Lucas\\ Reply

  3. i haven’t cried this hard since those couple of chapters when Norman left and stuff. thanks kaui. T-T

    annabanana Reply

  4. Manga de mierda…. querían que cayera en sus falsas esperanzas de que él estaba vivo pero no, yo sabia que mis Yuugo y Lucas murieron.

    g_aloys Reply

  5. Why they gotta do is like that ong:((
    R.I.P Yuugo and everyone from Glory Bell, also R.I.P Andrew and kids that got shot D’:

    Mel Reply

  6. Another badass anime character dies with a smile on his face as he finds redemption….damn it T.T

    CVG Reply

  7. I’m in school and I’m glad no one is looking I got so wide eyed when I saw yuugo and then instant sadness when Emma knew it was a dream

    JustANjggaWhoLikesAnime Reply

  8. Ignore what I said on the last chapter, I wasn’t prepared for this. I’m crying rn, I didn’t know he’d see his friends again.

    simpfor2Dcharacters Reply

  9. Im fucking crying!!!! Yuugo was one of my favorite and seeing him dying so much pain

    Haizuki Reply

  10. I-in it c-crying bruh m-my eyes are just sweating 😭😔😭

    Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_ Reply

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