21 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 113

  1. they need to stop showing me yuugo ima cry… anyways did yall se that badass girl im abt to simp hardcore

    Cadence Reply

      1. If you don’t notice, the 3 snowmen on the cover are Ray, Emma, and Norman (same order as the names I wrote)
        Rip Lucas and Yuugo.

        HalfwayToHeaven Reply

      1. im a female….i simp for baddie girl up there hardcore is that wrong?

        Ellie ~ babes Reply

  2. Lol she thought the same as me even if the monsters taste like shit I would eat them too just bc I would be piss they eating humans.

    g_aloys Reply

    1. Also I’ve a feeling that’s not the real Minerva … probably someone younger that escape and was following Minerva…

      g_aloys Reply

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