The Promised Neverland, Chapter 115

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          1. Im just a weeb oki

            wdym yes it it is possible. he could have already watched season 1 and if he did he would start at chapter 38 (season 2) ( just like i did) and u can read 100+ chapters in 4 hrs if u are a very fast reader like me. i started reading from chapter 38 just 1 day and a couple hours ago and i will finish this manga in probably 5 hrs bc i have a lot of home work sadly, but if i didn’t have hw i would finish it in like 3-4 hrs so yeah its possible.

        1. Com

          Halloween is officially over πŸ™ I can’t believe I spent my whole Halloween reading manga. I’m really disappointed and regretful that I didn’t do anything interesting. I wonder if adults feel this way as well.


            manga is always worth it think abt it maybe in the future the world will find out and take things like this down then you will have to pay money and now at least you don’t have to wait to get your manga

      1. CallmeDeku

        Ikr same!!I completed the anime around 24hours ago then started the manga,now i am at this chap!It’s hard to put i down

    1. tpn is actually sad fight me

      i feel so bad for saying this but they need to let Cristy go. i mean, they are going to steal from a farm just to save one helpless kid? that’s really dangerous and they might even lose someone else because they are walking right into demon territory. Emma and her worried self better be prepared to lose more than one.

      1. ClapperofCheeks

        I dont really think its actually minerva. Its like emma was saying, the minerva from the phone call in goldy pond and this new minerva have different goals. conflicting goals at that. I dont really think he is evil or an enemy. my best guess is minerva had a son at some point and the kid is now carrying the torch.

    1. sayac0re

      Honestly, I just think the children are the most trust worthy and they adults are the enemy. Cause like, i’m not gonna go into detail, but all the children in that world have had to go through that.

    1. i miss u norman

      i know right. sure they are gonna save the one dying kid but come are u that dumb guys? ur walking right into demon territory acting like ur not gonna lose anyone with the 60+ people u have in ur group. sometimes u have to make sacrifices E M M A.

    2. i miss u norman

      actually they may not even get the damn medicine. if there are demons there, they wont be able to sneak around with the so many people that they have. i wish them luck i do but that was very dumb of them to go to a farm for medicine when u are about to get a lifetime of medicine in 3 days. the kids isnt worth any more than his life so if he dies, PLUS MORE PEOPLE, then what was the point? answer, there wasnt a point. so they need to leave him. i feel bad tho i really do.

    1. ireadmanga4ever

      or at least try to run it back to the lion’s jaw.. if a few went ahead they could probs make it way faster than the 3days it would take all 60 of them.

  1. raya

    it’s funny how they confused “the lion’s jaw” with “the giraffe’s neck”, i mean, they are kinda difficult to confuse…

  2. Night Apple Is Poison Apple

    I’m sorry Christy is the most adorable thing I’ve seen (after best boy Phil of course) but… going through all that trouble just for one toddler… is it worth it?