23 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 115

    1. It’s so exciting it’s been 2 days and am already at chapter 115 its good

      Miss allientic Reply

      1. Ikr same!!I completed the anime around 24hours ago then started the manga,now i am at this chap!It’s hard to put i down

        CallmeDeku Reply

  1. i knew there was a catch. happiness always comes witha price. frick christys immune system.

    annabanana Reply

  2. Hey I’m just here to let y’all know that I’m in love with Hayato now

    Sai Reply

    1. I srsly hope Minerva really is trustworthy. It all sounds too good to be true

      Delphi Reply

      1. I dont really think its actually minerva. Its like emma was saying, the minerva from the phone call in goldy pond and this new minerva have different goals. conflicting goals at that. I dont really think he is evil or an enemy. my best guess is minerva had a son at some point and the kid is now carrying the torch.

        ClapperofCheeks Reply

        1. You’re right Bcz minervas name is William as in for this it is James so it could be his son or not.

          leviswhore Reply

  3. With what they’ve been through its so hard to trust any new characters

    Bokutosan Reply

    1. Honestly, I just think the children are the most trust worthy and they adults are the enemy. Cause like, i’m not gonna go into detail, but all the children in that world have had to go through that.

      sayac0re Reply

  4. Wait are there orphans living in the plant? what if Phil is one of the kids there- I can only hope, chile

    mimikitty Reply

  5. fuck cristy let cristy die please don’t go the fucking plantation omg if they go even more people are gonna die

    daggergirl Reply

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