The Promised Neverland, Chapter 116

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  1. Miss allientic

    It’s so good now they can go to a safe place am so relieved am just scared anyone wouldn’t be able to make it let’s hope not *-*

  2. Seruji

    OMG, so unnecessary all the Chris thing and the medicines. He should be dead, it kills the thrill of the manga, nobody ever dies…

    1. MythicalTissue

      Many characters died excuse you. Characters died from the beginning. And Emma’s group also lost people, including Lucas’ group, so many have died. Unless it’s sarcasm- a lot of people died.

      1. Antenna

        I second that aswell as Emma having possibly been on the brink of death herself. Quite a lot of people died and that itself is not only causing intense thrill but also some emotional pain if you ask me lmao. But yes many have already died and so your comment is not true whatsoever. At least pay more attention.

      2. Hi mom im famous

        Emma is a bit desensitized at this point and only strives to move on by helping the others that are alive. They are smart kids since they played mind games with mama.

    2. coochiegirl

      nobody ever dies? are we talking about the same manga… they even made norman, one of the main characters seem dead for a long time

    3. Ellie ~ babes

      im sorry but this comment upsets me. We lost connie yuugo and lucas but “nobody ever dies”. Connie’s death helped uncover the truth about the farms did it not? so that was major. Yuugo and lucas died to protect the kids. Yuugo himself had said he wanted to see them grow up and see the world they’d create together but even so he died still. Major deaths again. So please never again comment about how nobody ever dies. Letting that kid die would destroy emma and the others. No matter what emma would do everything she can to make sure crissy lives.


      this upset me. Are you okay? Are you reading the manga well? Yuugo and Lucas just died a few chapters ago. Didn’t that affect you?

      1. Ellie ~ babes

        deeply desturbed by the fact that people ship them…like emma x norman its just wrong. They where raised as siblings y’know and they are only really close. They’ve been through alot together its normal to be that protective of eachother through that.

        1. simpfor2Dcharacters

          In Yuugo and Lucas’s flashback it’s revealed Yuugo had a crush on Dina. And early in the manga Norman tells Ray he likes Emma. And yes it’s normal to be protective, but it’s also normal for people to grow feelings.

          But still, this doesn’t focus around romance at all, even though it’s mentioned very few times.

  3. Yukikkuma

    Bruh, Emma is like Preston Garvey. Once she see’s someone in need of help (another settlement in need of help) she blasts the fuck off to save them and ends up being in a wild goose chase which steers them off course of the main objective. Minus her family of course, but will it ever end?

  4. Alin Radu

    I love how they show us and to Emma, that the children aren’t the same innocent good for nothing kids. They all have grown

  5. Me

    Tbh the only main characters who died was Yuugo <3 and Lucas. Every other people, even Conny were either minor or unnamed characters. So yeah, I think the same: nobody important dies. It's unrealistic this way. Chris should die. Emma and others should understand that not every time they can escape death. That's how the world is.