The Promised Neverland, Chapter 122

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    1. Lee

      Norman is lying tho. They dont need to eat humans to keep their intelligance and form. Musica doesn’t eat humans, and she is the most human out of all the demons. (Unless SHE is lying about being a demon, or she’s lying about not eating humans.)

      1. Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_

        GUys I found out something turns out musical and the other one is part human her father was human and demon mom hope that clears things up :>

        1. im crying don't talk to me

          i understand emma but i don’t agree with her. the demons resort to disgusting , heartless ways to eat humans. i know they eat to survive , but if musica and sung joo are alive while having intellect of a human without eating humans , then that means they don’t necessarily need to eat humans. yet they are. IM HONESTLY JUST SO CONFUSED.


        she probobly did at least once a month but did not tell them beacuse she grew attached also norman and her could be lying just a bit

      3. Draffut

        Back when Sonju said he wants the promise to end so he can hunt again, he mentioned that Musica doesn’t need to eat like other demons do.

      4. Mark Tugas

        Exactly, Norman is smart enough to know that the demons can live without eating humans, but why did he come to have this motive ?

        1. Ackerman

          But Sung Joo mentioned that Musica was different from other demons right? What if shes the only exception to what Norman said?

  1. RAY

    I feel so bad for the Grace Field and Grand Valley kids and the ones who spent months at Goldy Pond, but what about the demon kids? they don’t want to die or become ‘lower life forms’ whatever that means for something that’s not their fault
    ¯\_(-_-)_/¯ (didn’t feel like using the happy face)

  2. ARMIN

    first of all, if someone is going to bring me sh1t about how norman’s changed and how he’s the boss and all that. WELL OF COURSE. If it wasnt for him all of them wouldnt be here now, besides someone has to take charge and it’s logical for that someone to be norman.
    and second, i agree with everything that emma said. only because the demons are more like monsters and violent and all that stuff, they have their own lives too. yes they treat humans very badly, but don’t humans do the same with chickens, cows and other animals?

        1. Almoo23

          I mean the anime went original so yeah, they took out yuugo…so like we don’t even know if they’ll keep Norman dead or actually keep him alive, and also if yuugo is gone the goldy pond arc is prob done for.. 🙁

    1. Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_

      Not really he was at a different farm and it had him smarter and way taller if you don’t believe look at Emma she is still smol

  3. doublecc427

    Let’s think this through. Demons have to eat humans to keep their intellect, but Musica and the other guy don’t eat humans for religious reasons…so how do they still have their intellect?

    1. Idkwhtiam

      Tru i was thinking the same they must be eating humans every 6 months to maintain their forms so they straight up lied to Emma and others about it.

  4. MISA

    i don’t agree with Emma. The demons can easily eat things to survive like the wild ones do, but choose to eat humans for the taste of their intelligence. Their greed has led to the exploitation of humans. They need to shoot they asses up

  5. Ru

    Norman has changed? Well of course he has. Growth does that to people. He is in the charge of everything so ofc he’ll be like that.
    Too kind? But wasn’t he always like that. Norman’s decisions are rational. Don’t get me wrong, I still think hid decision might backfire but the probable reason for that is the collision of ideals more than anything else.

    I understand Emma, but her ideals are half driven by emotions.

    Humans and these demons are the same? Sure, we humans evolved into what we are by mere ‘eating’. Yeah right!

    And yes, I do not care about Darwin’s theory of human evolution.

    These demons can still survive by eating other things. They are greedy for human intelligence and so they eat human. It’s not for survival at all. At first I really thought they couldn’t survive without human meat like ghouls and all. But no that’s not the case. And so I stopped feeling pitiful. We humans aren’t saints. But we aren’t demons either.

    So no Emma, I would gladly want to eradicate demons.

  6. mimikitty

    I understand why Norman changed so much, he was basically forced to. I wonder if he would feel the same way if he had met Musica with the rest of Grace Field. And I’d want to take Emma’s side, but I’m so conflicted. If her plan was to get all humans out of the demon world, the demons would have died down the same way they will with Norman’s plan, wouldn’t they?

  7. Calvin Nas

    Chickens, cows and other animals don’t have any rationality though. They’re pure animals. Whereas demons and humans in this story are capable of feeling emotions and reason.

  8. daggergirl

    DEATH TO THE DEMONS come on guys. if they have to eat human meat to keep their intelligence, then are they even truly intelligent? ig they are but like. it’s stolen intelligence. they have to eat other intelligent life forms to keep it, so therefore in my opinion it’s not theirs. and farming humans is completely different from farming chickens and cows guys, chickens and cows have nowhere near human intelligence, so humans are not worse than demons imo. but i honestly think norman’s lying about the whole “has to eat humans” thing, cuz why can musica keep her form and not eat humans??? i don’t understand that. idk what norman is trying to do here, but i’ll still support him LOL it’s not like he wants to go out and kill them directly, right? he just wants to destroy the plantations, so if they can survive without human meat then the destruction of the plantations shouldn’t be that serious

  9. stfu

    excuse me emma what?! demons are monsters. um yes they are. they could eat other things ( animals,who are smart like wolfs or sum.) they don’t have to eat humans. by the way demons are scary too and i think at this point demons have to die. if there would be no demons anymore everybody could live in peace and in love 🙂 but okay maybe demons change? who knows… but i actually don’t like norman.
    he is way to nice he is doing something bad.. i know tha

  10. naga

    Musica is god maybe. idk one line that stuck with me from the earlier chapters was so thing along the lines of sung joo saying that musica doesn’t know what it’s like to eat the humans or something …. something’s totally up

  11. hi

    if I were in the situation they are in I would 100% agree with norman, kill all the demons to survive; but as a reader, I can look at this objectively and understand emmas point

  12. Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_

    Not really he was at a different farm and it had him smarter and way taller if you don’t believe look at Emma she is still smol


    Emma you idiots why the fucking you care about Demons make the go back to whom they are ><. they will become as coronavirus.

  14. Anime Weeb

    hey maybe it goes down to genetics (idk what its called) but what if her father and mother ate humans and that’s why she turned out like that

  15. Movious

    this is the last chapter that i will read because emma is way too kind but demons don’t have heart if she keeps thinking about demons of way saving them then she is a mere fool demons don’t have hearts nor soul and still she forgives them she’s way too far beyond my expectations.

  16. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    There’s definitely something hidden. The musica and Norman stuff, I don’t get. I’m feeling all anxious about the next chapters also… There’s gotta be a reason those strong guys are being led by Norman. Norman ain’t normal I’m sure of it. There’s something missing. And Emma is being naive,if the demon cycle is really like wat Norman said. It means she somehow agrees they should be human farm like the Ratri people. Afterall the Ratri clan did the farm thing so as to stop the demons from hunting in the human world. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  17. Meh

    Emma why do you have to be so stupid? Guess you never learned a thing when fighting off Lewis. And these comments about Musica and Joo? Are yall people really reading the whole series? It is clearly stated that they are both looking forward on seeing these rugrats grow a community and spread quality cattles for them to hunt when the time comes.. geez

  18. Khizer

    Emma is shit head they need to get rid of her from this story…bloody making story so boring…bloody already forgot how many kid has been sacrificed..because of her they will lose so many kids. That idiot