27 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 123

  1. ok but like now i kinda ship ray and emma i mean ray used to be a little bitch boy but now hes not and norman is kinda sus ion trust that

    Cadence Reply

      1. I get the feeling Norman’s kinda faking his feelings because he doesn’t want Emma thinking badly of him
        but Ray hasn’t hid his feelings since the Jailbreak Arc
        so Ray x Emma is my new otp 😛

        RAY Reply

    1. Really people are just now shipping this I been shipping this

      JustANjggaWhoLikesAnime Reply

  2. Its probably the game amoung us that makes me feel like this but, Norman is kinda sus.

    BlueBree08 Reply

  3. Y’all shipping Raymma now? I’ve been shipping it ever since I started reading the manga. Theyre so freaking cute.

    And when Emma woke up after escaping Goldy Pond, Ray was holding her hand and told her to eat soup so she could get better 😍

    Cooki Reply

    1. Same I’ve always shipped Ray x Emma since the beginning they are so cute together 🥺

      Mitsuba508 Reply

    2. i wanted to ship them but norman said he liked emma n i dont like love triangles so i resorted to shipping ray with anna but with how normans actin im prob gonna change my mind on that in the future idk👁👄👁

      poi Reply

      1. a ship is a ship. The heart wants what the heart wants. If u truly ship rayemma THATS WHAT THE HEART WANTS <3<3<3

        Lee Reply

  4. Lmao Norman’s sus but in a different way? But something is reallt weird. Also ik theyre not biologically related but I still can’t ship them, they’re kids plus I just see them as siblings

    emotionallyhurt Reply

  5. No one: absolutely no one: Me; Would it be possible for the demons to eat ready dead humans, Like hear me out, (Also, I suck with science so if i get this wrong correct me pls) when you die, your brain isn’t really effected, Like it shuts down, but the knowledge is still there. Like they already eat them dead, so what difference would eating someone who died due to like non-demon related causes.(Ie old age, car crash etc etc) Other than the brain being slightly old, there might not be much of an issue. like they still have a humany demon form, and there would be no need for cattle children.

    sayac0re Reply

  6. for everyone who ships Emma and Ray, they think of each others as siblings *still* after everything that’s happened in these past 100 chapters. Just keep that in mind.

    kousdollarstorewife Reply

  7. idk but something about the kids in the hideout thinking of norman as a GOD is really off-putting to me

    hi Reply

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