44 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 124

  1. bitch boy norman bruh i was gonna simp for babara or whatever her name is but shes too explosive and ugh norman lil bitch boy he needs to know that he isnt the main character bitch anyways–

    Cadence Reply

    1. new drinking game:
      take a shot every time CADENCE says “bitch”

      good luck

      Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  2. I hate this norman.. but i kinda suspected it would happen 😔 plus him being “bad” kinda spices up the story lol

    Bananajana Reply

      1. someone kill barbara rn i can tell she’s gonna get rlly fucking annoying later..AND NORMAN HONEY WHAT IS U DOIN BABY

        jules Reply

  3. Noooo. I love Norman! I hope he doesn’t actually become evil. Agahagayahaghaagvahba. My baby!!!

    TheWizard Reply

  4. Oh hell no!! not that Barbara bitch all up in Emma’s face someone punch her!!!!!

    Bokutosan Reply

  5. Why are you guys saying he is evil for wanting to kill the “demons” he didn’t experience what Ray and Emma did with the demons … he didn’t meet a Sung Joo or a Musika … all he saw was demons eating humans…

    g_aloys Reply

    1. They both technically experienced the same. Goldy pond was a big killing thing too. Plus, the people Norman recruited look like they’re 15+. The kids Ray and Emma were leading were 6+. I feel like there was more stress for Emma and Ray than for Norman. There was so much the two had to control in order to keep at least 15+ kids (before Goldy Pond) alive.

      Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK Reply

      1. ^^ Emma and Ray aren’t trying to kill the whole demon population despite what happened to all of them

        Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK Reply

        1. That’s because they met good demons all that Norman’s seen are the bad ones

          Yillow Reply

  6. Its like whe hes around the kids or emma and ray, normans so different. making an allience with demons?!?!? JUST WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING NORMAN-

    Chloe Reply

  7. norman does not deserve the slander in this comment section LOL yall are jumping to conclusions way too fast, we have no idea what he’s gonna do! he might start an alliance and then break it and kill them all or something, there’s absolutely no way norman would ever side with the demons on this

    daggergirl Reply

  8. my norman kinnie is melting into a ray kinnie what— i’m just gonna pretend this manga never happened after i finish it. i want to stay a norman kin bruh. if i have to kin anyone else it’s Emma or Gilda

    kousdollarstorewife Reply

  9. nvm barbara got weird real fast and norman… destroy the world?.. hello????

    naga Reply

  10. AGAIN I don’t like how every single character that was saved by norma looks up to him as if he is GOD. Emma also saved children yet none of the kids she saved look up to her as if shes god. I really hope we have a chapter where we can see how norman treats the kids in the hideout because he’s clearly not treating them like family

    hi Reply

    1. but I mean these kids Norman saved from the specials plants and had worse conditions and most of the kids in Emma’s group already knew emma so

      JustANjggaWhoLikesAnime Reply

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