The Promised Neverland, Chapter 125

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  1. Cadence

    im so confused so if bitch boy is minerva now then was there another minerva before him that got killed? anyways im kinda starting to agree with bitch boy bc i love him anyways–

    1. NutNut69

      Bitch boi is posing as Minerva cause Minerva died from my understanding. He took his position or whatever cause that Smee guy, or something along the lines of that. I think he took the name of Minerva to guide the rest of the kids(Emma,etc.) To safety. And the reason he used that name instead of his real name was to give them hope I think.

    2. Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_


      1. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa


        1. NoBody

          id agree with Kurapika or whoever this person is only your family as much as your sibling can only be trusted because people nowadays can’t be trusted even your friend can be a traitor one day and you will know soon how that felts but still jesus forgives what happened like how satan backstab him.

      2. Frog

        I’m on norman’s side. Norman is not bad actually. He knew that even though the demons were good to you or wanted to be friend together but they’ll eat you one day. Like sonju. Didn’t you guys remembered his line on the previous chapter? He said “ahh can’t wait to eat human’s meat”. I only can trust musica cuz she totally worried that time when Sonju was planning to eat them. So, Emma’s trust about Sonju is dangerous but I can say her trust for Musica is safe. Norman discovered that the demons will betrayed you no matter what. So, I’m okay with norman’s decisions and stop calling him bitch boi heh.

    3. Jay

      You’re saying that but if you were in his shoes, you’d most certainly do the same thing.

      Not saying that you’d live long enough like “bitchboi” but nevertheless, I really want to see your face when you’re put in the same situation as them.

        1. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa

          it’s actually funny not annoying how they get so pressed over such a trivial matter i fucking love this lmaoo

  2. *[Midnight-_-Ace]*

    ok so let me get this strait woman is like a fricking another version of minerva?And in like a fracking I dunno A YEAR!!!!he already made a base and raided allot of the houses and it took oe year and planned every thing else!I MEAN THATS NOT VERY MUCH TIME AND WHY IS HE SO GROWN LIKE SRSLY! MEH CHILDREN !

    1. Ru

      Uhm…. James Ratri, the 35th head of the Ratri clan, in the position to uphold the promise to balance both worlds, took up the pen name William Minerva and sent hidden codes and created hidden shelters for the cattle children to find out and save themselves. He nd his allies made multiple networks and shelters to help the cattle children from behind the scenes.

      But James Ratri aka Minerva was betrayed by his younger brother, Peter Ratri, the current head of the clan nd was killed. After that many supporters of the cattle children nd Minerva’s ideals were killed. Just before Peter Ratri could kill the last supporter, Norman had already found him. So he inherited the ally’s network which was the current shelter they were at and took up Minerva’s name and will. After that he nd his comrades from lambda7214 destroyed farms nd factories.

      So no, he did not build the shelter nd yes there was another ‘real’ Minerva.

  3. Vyper+

    For the commenters having trouble, to recap: Norman is only posing as WM(William Minerva). The real WM, James Ratri, is rumored to have died long ago as it stands. WM serves as a beacon of hope for all cattle children left behind in the demon world. Plus, assuming the identity of WM was a beneficial move as it allowed Norman to obtain key intel and secure resources for the “rebellion”.

  4. ARMIN

    at first I was getting worried because I didnt want them to betray the demons but no, he has a fair point, I mean the demons were going to eat them anyways so they might as well make use of them. I dont like norman now as much as I did before but it’s honestly understandable.

    1. Idkwhtiam

      Ppl here r just soo stupid I mean calling norman bitch…bruh he is literally doing the right thing those demons are nothing but bacteria the only reason they look like tht is bcuz they eat humans, animals, etc
      The BITCH here is EMMA stupid piece of shit those bacteria ate humans for more than 1000 years and she think ok am alive my frnds alive so we will forget it -___- idiot.

        1. Mark_zuccerballs

          question for you:
          what would you define as a “good demon?”
          “good” is kinda subjective. There is a lot of gray room here :/

        1. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa

          “Bitch Emma” PFT- I SPIT MY WATER OUT WHY DO YOU SOUND LIKE MY TEN YEAR OLD BROTHER TRYING TO INSULT ME LMAOOO THIS COMMENT SECTION IS GOLD I LOVE ALL THOSE TRIGGERED ELEVEN YEAR OLDS QLKSJDFLMKJSDI and yes, I disagree with Emma but I kind of understand her too (only because of best girl Musica though). And lemme ask you a question: if you’re getting this triggered about demons, what about humans? We are the same as demons: we hunt down animals and there are a lot of places where they treat animals really poorly just like those mass factories. No matter what, humans are still humans.

  5. sweatymarbles

    I was really mad at bitchboy for a bit but now I’m just confused. Like he’s an evil genious but he isn’t doing any evil. (I can’t wait for this to get animated and for him to rise to the big brain ranks of anime characters)

    1. MaryHeart

      you all are mad of norman , oh my god people! He’s doing the right thing! In a situation like this u cant just go to the demons and then be friends with them. My god! I hate emma! Norman is correct!

      1. mark_zuccerballs

        noo emma is baby still


        emma has interacted with demons like musica, so of course she thinks people and demons can be friends.

        not me arguing with 10 yr olds on a wordpress blog

    1. TheWizard

      I’m pretty sure in the anime they called that person “the one” and I saw on a website that he is also referred to as “him”

        1. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa

          Have you never heard of grammar? Let me correct you Mary, darling.

          I hate Emma. Oh yeah, Musica and that shit demon? I kinda suspected that they WERE lying.

          Where did you even get that though from in the last sentence.

          1. mark_zuccerballs

            I guess they meant musica and sonju lying about not eating humans. How else have they survived while maintaining human form?

            not sure lol

            please speak English please, I don’t understand ass talk

        2. Frog

          Stoo hating on emma please. She’s very thankful for sonju and musica. Cuz Sonju teach her how to survive in that forest from the demons and how to hunt. Musica teach her and her siblings how to cook, make medicine etc. That’s why Emma trusted Sonju and musica. She’s very thankful to them. Can’t you remember the first time Emma met Sonju and musica? She’s traumatized and didn’t even trust them and she doubted them. But after they treated Emma and her siblings, she trusted them. We humans in the reality would be very thankful to someone who helped us a lot. Until we can’t betrayed them. Didn’t you feel that? So think before you say anything or make decision. Stop calling emma a bitch and stupid.

  6. EmmaPrretzel

    I miss the old norman honestly… i was hoping i would see them escape tohgether and be happy kids still.I still understand why they are not the happy kids they were, its just kind of sad how much they had to change. I still love them and i am glad they are alive but aaaauanfnoajajio

    1. Asyrii

      I honestly don’t like Norman anymore. Before he was sweet and nice and now he’s all “I AM THE MAIN CHARACTER I CAN DO ANYTHING” But he cant. He’s all grown and tall it’s weird to think of him and Emma and Ray as family

      1. Mark_zuccerballs

        Im getting leouch vibes
        except of course his plan aint gonna work cuz he not the mc
        I still like norman, but I seem to be alone here . . . TwT *cries*

  7. abra-cadabra

    No, they escaped like 3 years before this they’re like 15-16 by now it’s hard to tell because they’ve all been growing simultaneously so we don’t have anything to base their height off of

    1. Sayac0re

      It wouldn’t be there years, otherwise they would have Phil and the others. They’re probably like 13-14. They’ve been out the for just under 2 years.

  8. ALISA

    why are y’all calling norman a bitch? he’s doing the right thing with becoming allies with the Lord though he well knows the risks and has a plan for it .. Along with Emma, I get her understanding of not wanting to let the demons die but she also has to understand that those same demons can betray them .. The demons will die anyways because of lack of human meat.

    1. Asyrii

      Finally someone I can relate to. Emma isn’t stupid for not hating demons and Norman isn’t the worst. I still dont like Norman as much, he’s grown way too much it’s hard to think as him as “Norman.”

    2. MaryHeart

      I like norman then and now. He’s so smart and cool. Bitch pls people change. What do u want to happen,? Norman being soft again in these situations duh

    1. raya

      I think he looks old and acts mature because since he was VERY intelligent and at ^7214 they made him EVEN MORE intelligent, he know more than anyone and he thinks he has to do everything because of that.

  9. hi

    tsk I agree with norman on this one but I still don’t trust him 100%. He’s so manipulative smart and cunning it’s confusing idk what to belive.

    1. Blub

      Yeah same for me idk what to believe anymore because I was with Emma kind of because there are good in SOME but I also kind of agree with Norman

  10. Sonju

    The kids on grace field were descendants, right? Well that means there will be another generation of kids on production fields from the ratri clan… Bitch boy norman is just starting things all over again…

  11. Fabiana

    you know who’s the “bitch” here? all of you fuckers. stop. hating. on . Norman. and. Emma. literally shut the fuck up y’all are so annoying.. Emma sees the good in some demons because she’s just amazing like that, always positive and optimistic, y’all WISH y’all were like her. as for Norman, yes he’s changed. a lot really. Norman is my favorite character of all time, hes in my top 2. I adore that boy with ALL my heart, and yeah like the rest of you, I am also not liking him right now, but its been years, the boys changed. Deep down I will still forever love him, even if he is acting like a cold manipulative weird person,, ish. He’ll never stop being my favorite, and I do miss the old Norman, this doesn’t even feel like Norman. This is like…. minerva… not Norman. Sometimes I still think this is a fake and the real Norman is dead, part of me wants to believe that with how much hes changed, but part of me doesn’t. Regardless you guys should really shut up and stop hating on Emma and Norman, just read and enjoy the damn manga, is it really that hard? stop calling them bitches, its annoying :/

    1. mark_zuccerballs

      fr yall need to chill sometimes, remember, everyone in the manga are literally drawings lmao.
      welp, it’s the internet ig.

  12. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    Yep that’s my Norman and tbh he’s one cool bitchboi. I love him.No matter wat Normie is the main lead, then Emma and Ray. FyI They got to escape cauz of Norman’s plan from grace field, he even sacrificed himself. The demons should not die you say? Well see how the huge thing wanna eat him like some snack. We all know sungjo or whatever is a traitor. Musica is not just some random demon she gave Emma that amulet that Emma met that #$&&## guy the dragon’s eye. She’s somehow related to him. And did you guys miss the fact that their meat is being specially trained for $##&& guy… Really don’t judge ma boi