41 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 126

  1. i have a feeling ray is gonna kill bitch boy or bitch boy is gonna kill ray

    Cadence Reply

    1. nani?!
      (tbh I hope Ray kills Norman because I would probably give up on TPN if Ray died -_-)

      RAY Reply

      1. Hope you think about what Norman has been through.
        Maybe you will then understand why he feels and acts like this.
        He didn’t deserve to die, and giving up on something just because a character dies is ridiculous.

        Killua_707 Reply

  2. OK!so some how Norman knows?Waitn so I think he read a book and dint believe it and wait no ok ok so this is all so confusing!

    *[Midnight-_-Ace]* Reply

  3. They said that Norman didnt die but he did. He died and an evil, scary Norman was formed in his place. I hate this Norman. I just want Ray and Emma to be happy and find a way.

    Cooki Reply

    1. I don’t even get why most of the fans call him “bitch boy”.
      He is still the old Norman we all know. I would say it’s unfair to call him that.
      Since we know what he has been through. I feel sorry for him, and actually understand that he feels and acts like that. I feel sorry for everyone, still mostly for Norman and Ray.

      Killua_707 Reply

      1. There’s a comment that explains what happened to Norman well. He did die, not a physical heart stopping death, but his old personality died. A new one arose and now he is a bitch boy. He is not the same Norman as before. Emma and Ray think differently and I believe they all went through the same trauma, so why does Norman get the pass to be a bitch sometimes?

        Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK Reply

        1. He literally didn’t even do anything wrong! What the fuck! Just cz he chose a different method doesn’t mean that he’s evil! Gosh!

          Ru Reply

          1. Norman plans to exterminate the demons, but not all of those demons are evil. There are children among them. Not only that, but some demons (not the disgusting poachers, send them to hell) eat humans to survive. Humans are like cows to demons. So, destroying an entire species because they want to survive, therefore, makes Norman a bitchboy.


  4. My god this is starting toget interesting again! Wow such an interesting turning point!

    Seruji Reply

    1. Yeah I should not be saying this but I kinda don’t like Emma’s point of view…like yeah be kind blah blah and all but let’s be realistic here the demons kept eating HER FAMILY even if they don’t need to then she should understand.. Norman isn’t doing this for fun…

      Asil Reply

  5. why are ya’ll calling him a bitch boy like this plan isn’t smart as hell? Like ya’ll call him evil but the plan is to literally kill demons as every character has done throughout this whole series.

    ihateallofyourcomments Reply

      1. Honestly I think Norman’s in the right somethings i disagree with but his idea is the best plan

        Yillow Reply

    1. No one is right in this situation. Humans revolting against demons is like cows revolting against humans. (Screw the poachers though. Disgustang.)

      HowdyFellas Reply

  6. you guys realize that norman’s doing the same thing that isabella did right? isabella, once leslie was shipped, realized that she needed to do everything in her power to survive. she would sacrifice anything to continue living. norman, after seeing the horrors of ^7214, realized that there’s no hope for humans and demons to live in peace, and needs to sacrifice the demons, despite them having lives of their own, so that his people can survive. but you guys aren’t calling isabella a bitch smh

    sn4ilfish Reply

  7. Why are you guys hating on my boy Norman and IGNORING THE FACT THAT MUSICA IS FROM AN EVIL BLOOD MAIDEN CLAN???

    mimikitty Reply

  8. *evil laugh* i was right ALL ALONG musica is super sus.. but what does he mean evil blood maiden omg i thought she was kinda nice :/

    daggergirl Reply

  9. do yall remember sonju? that dude was so suspicious, he only helped the cattle bc he wanted to eat them. i trust that musica was actually trying to help the kids and that sonju has something to do with all of this.

    hi Reply

    fr someone please explain

    ray supremacy Reply

    1. He literally wants to exterminate a species for wanting to survive. (But kill those poachers. God, send them to hell.)

      HowdyFellas Reply

  11. Why does everyone hate this Norman I love this Norman he’s pretty cool

    JustANjggaWhoLikesAnime Reply

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