The Promised Neverland, Chapter 126

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      1. Killua_707

        Hope you think about what Norman has been through.
        Maybe you will then understand why he feels and acts like this.
        He didn’t deserve to die, and giving up on something just because a character dies is ridiculous.

        1. MissRedScarlett

          I understand Norman & the life he’s been through. But him turning into a fanatic is forcing creatures to turn onto each other for an activity they have been doing for thousands of years is too far. I’m sure they can see and understand the pain that humans been through. But again only time will tell

        2. WellBreastFed

          Dont understand at all the Norman hate. Sacrificed himself for all of them, became enslaved, watched the worst farm harvest everyday, met his own race traitors, and then was raped everyday by a machine so they could create more of him.

      2. rayornorman?howboutboth?lmao

        Y’ALL i hope no one dies everyone be acting like this because of what they’ve been through i hope norman wont kill ray, ray wont kill norman and no one will die ever again i swear with this manga

    1. Movious

      cadence are you an idiot so you rather kill your friend than killing a demon i see you as satan then 🙂

      so this is really proof that you can’t trust your friend or family thanks for your comment i finally understand everything.

  1. *[Midnight-_-Ace]*

    OK!so some how Norman knows?Waitn so I think he read a book and dint believe it and wait no ok ok so this is all so confusing!

  2. Cooki

    They said that Norman didnt die but he did. He died and an evil, scary Norman was formed in his place. I hate this Norman. I just want Ray and Emma to be happy and find a way.

    1. Killua_707

      I don’t even get why most of the fans call him “bitch boy”.
      He is still the old Norman we all know. I would say it’s unfair to call him that.
      Since we know what he has been through. I feel sorry for him, and actually understand that he feels and acts like that. I feel sorry for everyone, still mostly for Norman and Ray.

      1. Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK

        There’s a comment that explains what happened to Norman well. He did die, not a physical heart stopping death, but his old personality died. A new one arose and now he is a bitch boy. He is not the same Norman as before. Emma and Ray think differently and I believe they all went through the same trauma, so why does Norman get the pass to be a bitch sometimes?

        1. Ru

          He literally didn’t even do anything wrong! What the fuck! Just cz he chose a different method doesn’t mean that he’s evil! Gosh!

          1. HowdyFellas

            Norman plans to exterminate the demons, but not all of those demons are evil. There are children among them. Not only that, but some demons (not the disgusting poachers, send them to hell) eat humans to survive. Humans are like cows to demons. So, destroying an entire species because they want to survive, therefore, makes Norman a bitchboy.

        2. mark_zuccerballs

          I’m not sure where you are getting all this extra info from, but I’m bored and wan’t to argue . . .

          – point 1 :” but his old personality died. A new one arose and now he is a bitch boy. He is not the same Norman as before”

          Norman is still Norman, It is because of the events at Lambada that he has this “different personality”
          In other words his behavior (or bitch personality, whatever you want to call it haha ) is from his trauma watching demons doing experiments of children and sheit. Norman is still the same person at heart. And like he did in the escape arc, he just is trying to ensure safety for the children (even if it means taking more extreme measures). Also do you remember when Norman was totally ok with killing Isabella and Krone?

          – point 2: “Emma and Ray think differently and I believe they all went through the same trauma”

          His perspective is of course going do be different from Emma’s and Ray’s, they didn’t watch demons torture children, they had interactions with nicer demons like musica. (stan musica btw) While Emma and Ray still went through tough shit, (goldy pond n stuff) they are aware that maybe not all demons are bitches, and see good traits in them. Things would be very different if norman met musica. (It would be like if Eren didn’t get spoiled for aot s4 lmao).

          In other words, Norman and Emma have different view points on demons, because they had different interactions with demons. Norman doesn’t believe demons can co-exist with humans, so to ensure safety for the children, demons need to go bye-bye. Emma is hopeful that they could be a way for demons to survive w/out eating children. In the end, Emma and Norman are just trying to do what they can to ensure the best possible outcome.

          – point 3: “why does Norman get the pass to be a bitch sometimes?”

          This is fiction lol, no one is giving him a “pass” or whatever. Does this excuse his behavior? No lmao, genocide is still bad, and he is being very stubborn. Does this explain his behavior? Maybe.

          no, Emma, Ray, and Norman did NOT have the same trauma, (trauma yes, but not the same trauma if ya get me)
          Norman is still Norman, he is the same person, the events that happened are changing his behavior
          Genocide still bad, norman still a closed-minded bitch (always has been)
          Norman still best boi

          OK IM DONE AHh

          also why the faq did I just write a whole ass essay sksksjd pleasse, I know that I was bored but god damn

          1. mark_zuccerballs

            (this was a response to @ Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK btw)

    1. Asil

      Yeah I should not be saying this but I kinda don’t like Emma’s point of view…like yeah be kind blah blah and all but let’s be realistic here the demons kept eating HER FAMILY even if they don’t need to then she should understand.. Norman isn’t doing this for fun…

  3. ihateallofyourcomments

    why are ya’ll calling him a bitch boy like this plan isn’t smart as hell? Like ya’ll call him evil but the plan is to literally kill demons as every character has done throughout this whole series.

    1. HowdyFellas

      No one is right in this situation. Humans revolting against demons is like cows revolting against humans. (Screw the poachers though. Disgustang.)

  4. sn4ilfish

    you guys realize that norman’s doing the same thing that isabella did right? isabella, once leslie was shipped, realized that she needed to do everything in her power to survive. she would sacrifice anything to continue living. norman, after seeing the horrors of ^7214, realized that there’s no hope for humans and demons to live in peace, and needs to sacrifice the demons, despite them having lives of their own, so that his people can survive. but you guys aren’t calling isabella a bitch smh

  5. daggergirl

    *evil laugh* i was right ALL ALONG musica is super sus.. but what does he mean evil blood maiden omg i thought she was kinda nice :/

  6. hi

    do yall remember sonju? that dude was so suspicious, he only helped the cattle bc he wanted to eat them. i trust that musica was actually trying to help the kids and that sonju has something to do with all of this.

    1. mark_zuccerballs

      haha bitch boi

      now laugh or I will type a wall of text explaining how norman is a bitch and send death threats to you

      (for legal reasons this is a joke goddammit don’t kill me)

  7. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa

    Right now Musica is suspicious, but even so, I don’t think she’s evil. It looked as if she strongly disagreed when the other demon said he wanted to eat humans, and she gave Emma that necklace and a hint about the Seven Walls.

  8. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    No ray won’t kill Norman and don’t you people get that Norman and Ray are even considering all this things cauz of Emma I mean from the beginning if not the fact Emma wants to go with everyone they could have escaped to the human world a long time ago.

    Ray loves Norman and Emma and vice it’s pointless to think they’ll kill themselves.

    The Ratri want the human cattle to be eaten to stop demons from hunting people in the real world. They maintain that peace for 1000years. They did it to survive but it’s selfish to sacrifice your own kind to live peacefully.

    Emma is a bright character with a good view of the world. She’s so good and kind which is kinda impossible in real life. She wants everyone to be happy. But no matter how you think about this it’s like the lion and the antelope.

    Norman just wants to forfil Emma’s wish to save everyone and it’s impossible since their own kind wants them dead the world it’s kill or be killed.

    Musica is still a mystery she’s involved with that ##&& I know it.

    Unless the demons somehow agree to live like kaneki eating the already dead people it’s impossible to live all together. Think about it.

    Besides stop hating on ma boi, he and his gang of freaky friends saw a hell worse than what Emma and Ray saw. Even those from glory bell suffered more than them. Isabella took care of them well. They only knew happy until the discovery of Conny and they soon escaped the farm house. She’s very kind and good so it’s understandable she wants everyone to leave peacefully however rn it’s impossible y’all know that.

    Norman using them to kill each other isn’t bad because they are Really evil. As for the village she saw, she should have entered that store we all saw during that chapter.

    They are two solutions to this problem. One let them(the demons) kill themselves, two let them live eating dead humans. But would you give someone you love to be eaten just because they are no longer living? Think about it. Seriously ( ╹▽╹ )

  9. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    Norman has knowledge that a normal cattle child couldn’t have possibly have on the demons. Could it be that from the beginning Norman isn’t just a normal cattle child.
    ( ╹▽╹ )

  10. Meh

    These normies on the comments got up to this point and are still ignorant af.. These two ( fake vegans ) are no different from Lewis who seeks the thrill of the hunt w/c was taken away from their natural habitat eversince the “promised” was made. They were just patiently waiting for these grade A Kobe meats to mass produce their kind so they can indulge hunting em when the time comes…And all these hates on Norman when most of yall have zero achievements compared to the guy lol..geezus cries..