The Promised Neverland, Chapter 127

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  1. Cadence

    bitch boy needs to shut the fuck up with that bullshit. what happened to loving Emma to the point where he’d do anything for her? I wonder if that even is Norman…

    1. admin

      I will miss you bro in this manga and your cruise comments i love you <3 i hope see you in another manga and see your cruise comments
      also please tell me what manga now you reading i will make a website for it

        1. Vannah

          Imma miss yall🥺🥺 I dunno what manga I’ll be reading. But for now I’m not gunna stop reading this .
          I just hope bitch boy norman goes back to his sweet ass cinnamon roll self😭🥺

    2. Shyanna Bonell

      He’s trying to tell her that even if they try what she is saying, they’ll all die because most demons are just pure evil. He’s doing this because he loves Emma. He wants nothing more then peace. I know for a fact that if there really was a way to do this without the demons extinction, he would do it.

        1. rayornorman?howboutboth?lmao

          sorry you got a problem deal with it, like norman said not all can agree. also emma’s gonna mature soon i feel it

        2. kHlOe

          bruh why are you hating her character and if you font like her you dont have to watch the promise neverland and she is kinda the main character so no you cant feed her to the demons ;-;

    3. Abeeb

      Bruh, it’s not about that. It’s about the survival of the humans, the demons are just parasitic creatures that want nothing more than to eat and torture humans

      1. Idkwhtiam

        Emma is a fucking idiot like ik she is 13-14 or so but she is a fkin idiot
        Would u sympathize with corona virus and let ur family die those demons r fkin bacteria and nothing else
        Only reason they seem to have a family is bcuz they fking ate humans who actually had a family in the first place
        How tf she is sooo dumb and shit she is fkin annoying , i would have slapped her and kept her in a room until all those bacteria die

        1. Com

          Did part of corona virus save your family from real corona virus?
          Some demons saved her family from other demons.
          Would you care if the demons that saved your entire family are going to be extinct because of you?
          Corona virus and the demons are different. Corona virus didn’t save anyone, but some demons saved people from being eaten.

      2. rayornorman?howboutboth?lmao

        true i mean i think emma should rethink this i mean these demons are parasites or bacteria to begin with

    4. Realfacta

      Can you get real and think about the gravity of the situation? Think about watching loved ones constantly die. You would pick the same route that Norman did if you had the intelligence he did. He is picking the path that means certain safety.

      It has nothing to do with, “being Nice to Emma” guys. If Emma was being too kind to a fault and Norman was the key to end suffering for all cattle children would you want him to stop for something as trivial as that?

    5. Redbeans

      Yeah at this point I’m calling it and cutting my losses. The real Norman died on his 12th birthday(at least emotionally).

        1. Movious

          you mean going to seven walls and seeing children suffer did you really read it well the other human side won’t help them because they are cattle to demons even though going in seven walls and forge a promise won’t work because people and demons lie not all people can keep their promise as well.

  2. Knichtus

    Norman is the right one in this. Unfortunately, they are facing two problems, two factions of high-ranking humans and demons are benefitting from the setup, financially and among other things (remember Andrew, who only viewed the children as lesser beings and cattle). The demons had a choice to just use the blood and then set up farms of other creatures, but they LIKE the taste of humans. In them gaining culture from consuming humans, they have also gained our greed.

    Emma is very naive and hopeful, and we even saw with the male companion of Musica (Sun yoon?). He wants to go back to the days you can just hunt humans. I curious if Emma can find a TRUE third option.

    1. ARMIN

      true! as much as I would like it to go as Emma’s said, there’d still be demons that would break the rules and eat humans just for the sake of it.
      humans can live without eating animals, but if you told someone to stop eating meat they’d tell you that that is nonsense and they’ll keep doing what they want just because they can.
      no matter how much you try there’s ALWAYS going to be someone that is just evil and selfish, so like it or not Norman is not being annoying or bitchy he’s just being realistic. because I bet that if they tried to do it as Emma said you guys would be like ‘tHiS iSn’T rEaLiStIC’

        1. Soft Boy Kageyama all the way

          Guys? I’m scared. I want the old Norman. But he has grown so much on his own. I don’t know what to say. He’s doing everything to help the cattle kids but emmaaaaaaaaa Emmaaa is such a sweety.

          1. mark_zuccerballs

            I am way to emotionally attached to norman and I miss when he was short. I like new norman too tho, gives me leouch vibes

            emma will always be baby
            and ray will always look like an emo sausage

        2. Jiane Golosino

          I agree with Norman too actually. There’s no other way, you have to think ahead and smarter especially since this is a survival thing. Glad I’m not the only one agreeing with Norman. (I can’t help but get annoyed at people who just keep complaining stupidity without even finnishing the manga and rethinking that maybe there’s another way and solutions)

    1. sn4ilfish

      me too. norman doesn’t WANT to kill all the demons, if there were a way, he would want to live in peace. but he knows that there is no way.

  3. TheWizard

    Honestly, it’s so hard to say this, but I think Emma is right. And Norman is right too, but still. Ugh. Like there are probably so many demons who don’t think what they are doing is wrong. This is just like how not all humans think eating meat wrong. But I know that Norman is saying that because if they do let all the demons have the ability to survive without eating humans, then they will be way to powerful to destroy. But you have to sympathize with the demon children who were raised that way, so they would have no way of knowing it’s wrong. Of course, demons like Lewis and Bayon should not be given the ability to survive without human meat, but people like Música should. Also, does anyone el

  4. Erica

    Honestly, i agree with Norman, even Sonju wants to hunt human again, (you can go back to the page when he and Musica are talking) but this norman is Scary, he is always so nice to Emma but i guess matters like this are dead serious because you are probably risking someone’s life but damn Norman’s scary WHERE IS MY CUTE LITTLE PUFFBALL NORMAN >:'(

  5. //Yuugo||Lucas\\

    why is everyone so mad at norman? hes just doing his best and what he thinks is right to protect the cattle children.
    and he’s right, aswell. the world isnt a good place, humans or demons.
    while not all demons are bad a lot are. theres not much of a way to separate them out.
    all of them have to die.
    as much as it sucks to say.

  6. annabanana

    well, i think norman is doing the right thing. honestly it probably best. even sonju wanted to hunt again, even tho im sure he has had musicas blood. correct me if im wrong, but i think the only demon we have met in the series who dosent want to hunt anymore is musica. although she has never really had to, but the same goes for the nobles, and yet here we are. i really do feel bad for emma tho. its just the hard truth. believe me i hate it to. ive spent at LEAST 2 hour crying over this s#*@. i think we would all do the same if we were in norms position. they gotta go for the sake of the cattle children, and just humans in general.

    1. mark_zuccerballs

      haha same
      when I first read this manga 4 months ago I spent like a week crying over black n white drawings

      this is how I feel basically with the current events in the aot manga recently too, like I love the warriors but every other marley person is a huge bitch

  7. bb

    okay low key i agree with norman cause either way sunjoo? whatever his name is, is trying to eat humans and hunt after they break the promise ?? i’m pretty sure musica doesn’t want to but she won’t be able to stop him

  8. teacup

    why is everyone cursing out either norman or emma? they both have a point in each of their arguments and we don’t even know which decision is right or wrong. plus, none of them deserve this much hate. if you can’t handle their character changing then STOP READING THIS

  9. Asyrii

    The thing is, Norman i can understand. He has a idea that I get. It’s how he’s showing his expressions and attitude towards it that ruin it. Emma is stupid or dumb. She’s just too kind and looks for the best way to peace for EVERYONE. Including demons.
    I don’t exactly like Norman anymore but can we just not say “Normans stupid, Emma’s dumb?” They both just want peace.
    Thank you ❤

  10. mimikitty

    Emma’s way too naïve. She’s such a kind person, she just thinks she can convince everyone to be like her. Everybody’s hating on Norman, but he’s honestly being the most realistic here. Of course he’s have changed. He’s been through much more now, and doesn’t want more of his family to die. It’s still sad that it came to this point though.

  11. naga

    I mean.. food chain, y’know? Theres always going to be a predator and prey relationship when it comes to these things, but sure humans might be tasty but they’d no longer be a necessity for the demons to eat, which would mean the rate of all of this would be much lower. i think the decision is just too hasty imo

  12. hi

    emmas being extremely selfish in this situation, it’s all about ‘I want demons to live’. in my opinion, she isn’t being objective

    1. Ice queen

      Why hate on Norman when he’s being logical?
      And why hate on Emma when she has different point of view?
      They’re like 2 intersecting lines on a paper, never meant to go in one direction

  13. CVG

    War changes people, even sweet Norman but he’s in the right on this one. As much as we like Emma’s pure heart and her naive ness, it’s also her greatest weakness. Demons have killed her close friends and family and want to maintain a system where her kind are nothing more than sport or fuel. She has seen that personally but bless her heart she still wants to create a world where every single living creature can live in peace and not harm one another. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation makes it impossible to create such a world.

    Even IF the Demon’s urge and necessity to eat humans is taken away, it’s more than just food. For the hierarchy, it’s taking away their culture, advantages and power. The royal family wouldn’t be royal anymore as Norman is trying to take away the reason for their wealth status and that’s the plantations. I love Emma’s character but she fails to realize the facts of how cruel the world is. Number one priority is to protect the family and the human race and while Norman isn’t the same sweet boy from season 1, he’s still a good man looking out for his people. If there is a 3rd option then look into that but Norman’s plan is the most realistic and beneficial to humanity.

  14. JustANjggaWhoLikesAnime

    Imo Norman’s right and Emma’s being the bitch here cause it is a cruel world and they don’t really have any other good choices I bet ray agrees with Norman but Emma is being way too kind hearted

  15. Joseph

    Bitch you’re the o e one who needs to shut the fuck up everything norman is saying makes total sense. Before when he said he’d do anything for her that was just about escaping things are alot more serious and Emma just needs to think realisto

  16. BeepBoopBop

    All three of them need to stop talking about demons and escaping for a bit, they need to sit down and have a nice cup of tea. Then they can continue on talking about demons and such, but tea first.

  17. PINTO

    Whats all this nonsens i’m reading this time Emma always comes up with a new idea or strategy, she wanted to escape to the human world and to get away from the demons trying to kill her and her family now she is safe nd wants to co-live with the demons she thinks will change, because they will after their 1000 years of human eating culture. Norman is being realistic thanks to him their all safe. So to all of you commenting Bitchboy STFU and try to reason. Emma seems to always want to over complicate everything.

  18. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa

    Damn I always forget Norman is around 14 now I always think he’s like 17- Anyways I agree with Norman. Though I don’t really like the new Norman coz he giving off bad vibes and miss the old lil Norman, he now thinks more rational, just like old Ray. Norman used to listen to Emma when she said she wanted to escape with her whole family (while Ray disagreed) and Norman went along, but now he thinks NORMALLY. Like bitch wtf Emma I love you but fuck no kill those bitches. It’s not like she’s pissing me off or is annoying, but I really don’t like her way of thinking. Of course, there are some good demons out there too, but there are no other options and the Seven Walls are, like you said, too risky. Call me heartless but if I were her I’m not gonna think of a whole other plan just to save a few bitches.

  19. mark_zuccerballs

    there are 3 types of comments here:


    “I kinda agree with emma :b”
    (10 comments bellow arguing)

    “actually reasonable argument describing why the person thinks what they think/a thorough character analysis/insightful paragraph explain the thematic elements of the story consisting of 500 words/wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text never gonna give you up wall of text wall of text wall of text never gonna let you down wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of never gonna turn around text wall of text and desert you wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text hah you mom gay wall of text wall of text wall of text wall of text “

          1. mark_zuccerballs

            awe ty <33
            happy new year to you too, even though you probably won't see this since I'm replying 12 days later :))

  20. 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

    OMG BITCHBOI SHUT THE FUCK UP EMMA HAS A POINT PPL. YOU SAY DEMONS ARE PARASITIC CREATURES BUT HUMANS ARE THE SAMEE. Now there are slaughter houses that are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE that kill all sorts of animals BUT even though we can survive without them DO WE??? We can fucking LIVE WITHOUT EATING MEAT but we don’t. And then we have angry attacks against Demons and Emma JUST BCOZ SHE HAS A FUCKING SENSE OF EMPATHY U MONSTERS

  21. Hyakuya

    Yall are calling Emma an idiot now. Are yall forgetting the fact that they killed numbers of demons. Survived and Escaped from them and saved many lives.

    And don’t hate Norman he’s just trying to protect everyone because he don’t want them to die.
    Everything they do has a reason and yet here you are hating them.

    Now who tf is the idiot one?

  22. Jiane Golosino

    I mean Norman is kinda right with the ” would you turn away from your food and just say okay?”
    I mean look what happened to sonju,he said that he can’t wait to eat them up
    But I also disagree with him in the wiping part ,damnit I’m not smart but I’ll just shut the fuck up and just read the manga so that I could gain the answer

  23. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    He’s right y’all. Y’all know sunju wanna eat human flesh. He wanna hunt them and eat them. Musika can give demon kids her blood and the grown ups should die then everything might work out. Do u guys really think the world is such a good place, they are traitors everywhere. And of cause we don’t really know musika. We only met her in brief chapters. Emma is kind and all but her point of view is kinda sad. Can’t she just be a little bit like Gon?

  24. deez nutz

    Norman’s just being realistic. I would go with wiping out the demons plan obviously. Emma is being kind and all but I think Norman’s plan is the only choice they have now.

  25. EmmaSoDumb

    Sorry but Emma is getting so annoying af.. The only thing she learned about her past horrible experiences is how to become more dumb

  26. Nununana

    Oof the thing that i was afraid of has finally came. The moment Emma was slapped and thrusted with the bitter truth, she NEED to realize asap that being kind just wont do it.

  27. sweetbanana

    Damn…Emma really just said “communism” lmao. She wants every demon to have the same benefits and be on the same level

  28. Haha...Children Farms

    If we’re talking about realistic ideals, I’m with Norman this time. Emma’s idea is blurry without guarantee.

  29. Abrahadabra

    Norman is just freaking sociopath. He is acting artificial with Emma and old family. He’s no longer sweet and good. You cannot live only with your fucking mind. You must have a heart too. Emma is my favourite bc she sees good in others, she is pure, she fights for love and peace, she can turn bad into good.
    Her ideals must win.