The Promised Neverland, Chapter 128

The Promised Neverland Chapter 128 Manga is out , Read Promised Neverland Chapter 128 online is Emma, Norman and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage. And under the care of the woman they refer to as “Mom”, Yakusoku no neverland chaptersChapter 128. Good food, clean clothes and the perfect environment to learn—what more could an orphan ask for? One day, though, Emma and Norman uncover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing.


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      1. Vannah

        ✨Honey, it was CONFIRMED that norman loves emma. So! Instead if seeing themselves as siblings, they see themselves as VERY close freinds.✨

    1. Just a bitch boo fan

      How do I contact you? I completed reading this Manga like, months ago but came back for reading your comments lol

  1. Shyanna

    Okay but likeeeeeeee, we ALL know that if Norman talked to Ray about confessing to Emma, Ray will be the friend that pulls them together and touches both their shoulders, saying, “NOW KISS” LMAO

    1. Cooki

      Actually, I can see like all of them doing that lmao.

      Norman and Ray: *like each other*

      Emma: *pushes them into each other* NOW KISSSSSS

      Ray and Emma: *Like each other*

      Norman: *”accidentally” pushes them into each other* Oh~ sorry about that! (Inner thoughts: NOW KISS!!)

    2. Soft Boy Kageyama all the way

      Bitch just became a soft boy for a second out there. Almost shipped Emma and Norman but nah. RayMa all the way. He’s always there for her

  2. sweatymarbles

    Ok so the three of them have changed physically in the past two years like so:
    – ray: he’s taller and more lanky
    – Norman: he’s taller and he got really broad shoulders
    – Emma: she got tits

  3. Sai

    Ok but like we all know in the end Emma’s plan is gonna have to happen even if we don’t want it to. She’s the main character for fuck’s sake. I personally agree with the extermination of all the demons but I’m not the main character of this manga.

  4. Chiyo_Sakura

    OK SO UHHHH…EVERY THING HAS CHANGED EXEPT EMMA!!!!!!I mean Norman is taller more I don’t know Norman and Ray’s more cuter and hot but Emma she has wow she is still flat I mean…srsly!Oh and where the heck is Emma getting all this confidence!-_-[\_/]


    1. Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_

      Get out you stupid mother fucking RETARDED PRETZEL looking ahh… You look like Pluto had sex with a ugly fish so

      1. sangwoosashes

        Stfu with ur negativity ur cursing everyone like you know nothing else in your dictionary go away and stop being so rude and such a jackass SMH

    2. got a problem?

      let me fix that. Norman has completly changed, his personality, his appearance, and the way he thinks. Hes become a more cold and brutal person. Tbh, hes pretty selfish now. Hes a different “norman”. Ray, well Ray my bb haha, he has changed alot too. Hes become more intelligent. Hes learned how to handle weapons and hes grew not just in his looks but him being his own person. He became a very strong boi and im proud of him.
      Now, Emma, hmmm. U ask wheres she getting her confidence? Well if u have read the manga all the way up to this point, you would know lol but ill still sorta explain. One reason is because of how shes adapted to the outside world. they have never been outside the farm until 2 yrs ago, and since then shes been happy, sad, nearly killed, chased, and never given a break. ( I should have said that for ray too, tbh) She (and Ray) learned to get used to this because they knew it would never end. The world wont change until they change it. Which will take some time. So her and rays confidence came from all of their life-or-death- situations, learning the truth about the world and adapting into it, and being a leader who never gave up. She knew that that was what she had to be to protect her family. So many more people were dying earlier in the manga and thats because Emma and Ray were finally starting to grow. I stan them and they deserve the world.

    3. got a problem?

      sorry i didnt mean “So many more people were dying earlier in the manga and thats because Emma and Ray were finally starting to grow.” i meant “so many more people were dying earlier in the manga becuase Emma and Ray didnt know how to be true leaders yet. they were still figuring out how to protect THEMSELVES, let alone 60 OTHER PEOPLE at that.”

  5. emotionallyhurt

    Dang the three of them grew up, they look 15-16 now. It’s only yesterday when I finished the anime and they just escaped I’m crying

  6. Delphi

    Oh. I got it. There’s still parts of the old Norman there. In that lab, he was forced to be even smarter, right? Smartest beings in animes that are put through bad situations usually act cold and make harsh decision. That’s why Norman is being like that.

    Also…holding on to RayXEmma lol. Norman’s ‘like’ on Emma always seemed one-sided. But Ray and Emma always seem to complete each other, don’t you think? And notice how Emma is always shown as clumsy and slow towards Norman, even back then. But Ray explains it to her and Emma even figures out things for Ray, and it’s more like they’re equals. Sure, they’re kids now, but imagine for the future!

      1. mark_zuccerballs

        ya know you can just . . . not read the comments?
        Like I don’t like shipping but they are just sharing their thoughts
        also at least they aint spamming “BiTCh bOi bAd, fuCk yoUr mOm”

    1. latinrose

      damn, you are right and It blows my mid wow. I just want this three to start being the trio they were at first I want them to lead all this ppl together so they can support eachother. norman now is acting like a “God” type and as u can see he has a bunch of ppl who loves him but he is alone he isnt letting anyone get close enough to him … not even emma ;(



      1. basicallyboredom

        because your opinion yours, their opinion theirs. simple.
        if you hate him then you don’t need to push other to hate him too.


    I will NOT tolerate any Norman slander!!! He had to carry everything on his back, of course it’d affect his personality. He’s no bitch, but this new character of his is still making me sad. I’ll defend him until the day I die, and that’s on periodt.

    p.s. I hope Phil is okay..

  8. 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

    Im soglad that there’s still softboi Norman left :’D eventho Bitchboi dosent show it
    Honestly I have nvr cried this much not even when ppl died Guess I rlly do hate drama when it’s serious and I’m emotionally invested in both the sides equally ಥ‿ಥ

  9. Norma tears go ;0;

    I am crying-
    Like, I didn’t even end up crying when Yuugo and Lucas died (so close tho)

    But idk, this just has been broken down, Norman is trying hard, and so is Emma and Ray, Norman feels so far away from Emma and ugh- ;( it makes me sad

  10. Jiane Golosino

    I know most of these comments are stupid ,immatures,and retarded with full of complaining people but the best comment in this manga belongs to @sweatymarbles . Like I was laughing when I read that comment hahahahah

  11. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    He obviously loves her… Emma if Ray dies because of your point of view Imma hate on you also can Normie just confess now that I think about it, he almost did! Isabella I interrupted him when he got shipped out.

  12. Giant Ballsack

    WTF is wrong with Emma like bitch damn just let all the demons die, can’t make an omelet without a couple eggs you feel?

  13. Haha...Children Farms

    I love how the creator made this conflict. Basically, the reason why people agreed or disagreed with Norman and Emma was because how Emma based her plan with an emotional attachment to it with a summarization of “demons reflect humans and vise versa” and a possibility of another solution (forge promise). While Norman also has an emotional attachment of it (revenge and hatred), his plan has an elaborate logic backed up.