The Promised Neverland, Chapter 129

The Promised Neverland Chapter 129 Manga is out , Read Promised Neverland Chapter 129 online is Emma, Norman and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage. And under the care of the woman they refer to as “Mom”, Yakusoku no neverland chaptersChapter 129. Good food, clean clothes and the perfect environment to learn—what more could an orphan ask for? One day, though, Emma and Norman uncover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing.


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79 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 129

  1. bitch boy thinks hes doing it for emma but bitch boy needs to stfu before i bop him on the head. like, i can sympathize with him but he needs to think of what is best for both parties not just himself or his party. and i really hate his chronies except for the tall bald guy and the dude with a bag on his head.

    Cadence Reply

    1. call my baby boo norman bitch boy again and ill pound your ass so hard you will look like a pool of coom

      can you can't??!?!?! Reply

    2. Lmao, I love how everyone here is now calling Norman “bitch boy.” I mean, I love him, but he’s gotta stop.


    3. Reading ur comments makes me believe how stupid ppl in the real world are
      Those demons r literally bacteria
      It’s like sympathising with corona virus
      For our situation
      Emma is a freaking idiot with no brain like literally.

      Idkwhtiam Reply

      1. well those demons have families like humans. The demons view us like we view pigs and cows. Emma isnt stupid your just heartless lol

        swaggynaty Reply

        1. Emma is naive not stupid so I agree with that. But still they’re right.. it’s like y’all didn’t pay attention earlier, sonju (the male with musica) literally thought abt eating humans /: like cmon now they have urges they can’t suppress. Think realistically.

          ackermanswhore Reply

          1. i really don’t think that comparing this situation to coronavirus is going to work. But I think that the correct solution is when Norman and Emma both find a compromise. Both of them have really extreme views in my opinion; Norman wants to kill all of them and Emma wants to save all of them. Emma is being to kind and Norman is being too harsh. Also, I want to see Norman’s backstory and how he changed from old sweet Norman to now.


      2. Agreed but you call my Emma stupid again and I swear to god I will put you 70 feet in the fucking ground bitch.

        Kurapikasjuicyas swhole_ Reply

    4. ugh why can’t you shut the fuck up? do u know how much i hate you!?! ur the dumbest person alive! JUST WAIT UP AND SEE what happens! ur so dumb

      stfu Reply

      1. Lol I bet you’re a kid. Calm down, this is a manga. Expressing your opinions doesn’t make someone dumb by default.

        HowdyFellas Reply

    5. MY GOSH “Cadence” can you stop with your norman slander comments, freaking every chapter it’s “bitch boy this and bitch boy that ect.) Just Shut The Fuck up already!

      Lageus Reply

      1. fuck CADENCE
        all my homies hate CADENCE

        fr tho @CADENCE please chill, like its getting old

        Mark_zuccerballs Reply

      1. Dont hate Candice, norman a bitch boy to her and her “fans”, I call norman bitch boy too and I think Norman wouldn’t mind.

        RayPenbar Reply

  2. Honestly I feel like at this point Norman’s gonna go insane if he doesn’t have a mental breakdown soon

    SleepySib Reply

  3. hmmmm
    this feels a lot like another scheming boy who got way in over his head
    I hope Norman doesn’t go the same way as Light

    RAY Reply

    1. OKIM I CAN TOTALLY SEE NORMAN DOING THAT SRSLY!I mean all he needs is a shimigami and the notebook of death.I mean he sorta got the personality!BUT I HAVE FEELING HES GONNA LEAVE EMMA AND RAY.But I srsly hate that one girl who is on meds in one of nomans group like srsly who asked for your opinion!

      Chiyo_Sakura Reply

        1. I don’t think he is going to leave Emma and Ray, because he already would have if he wanted to. I think he views them as obstacles and wants them to get out of the way.

          amana Reply

    2. true, but for me I’m getting more

      . . .


      . . . Eren Yeager vibes, with like the lying to his friends and committing massive war crimes lol

      Mark_zuccerballs Reply

    1. I mean I’m terms of intelligence he probably is at a similar level. Not to mention they both live in a world with demon/divine like entities.

      TheWizard Reply

    2. I can’t blame anyone, other side is filled with hatred that are completely not their faults since their childhoods are filled with dark past, but i do get Emma’s point too. But come to think of it, Demons are demons, they ain’t good guys and they sure can break promises, even humans do. And this world is not as kind and as pure as Emma. So i get mixed feelings, all i want is Norman, Emma, Ray and the others escape together when they are still young. Norman is so scary, i like him the most in TPN but now, i’m scared that it’s all twisted.

      Erica Reply

  4. Im getting the feeling that with this attitude something bad might happen to Norman. He’s pulling a little bit of a Light rn. But with the way the story has constantly had the message of being together and smiling with family, I don’t think they loose in the end. If you put this into perspective of the structure of a story, it’s most likely that they will go against the odds and win.

    Ami Reply

  5. Bro he not pulling a light he want to do this for emma smh but yall fucking dumb for callin him bitch boy and shit like bro hes tryna help everyone emma just want sto help herself cause she doesn’t want one or 2 demons to die like bro thats jelping yourself not the world

    Just listen bro Reply

    1. We calling him bitch boy because he’s acting like one,nuisance plan is reasonable but the way he talks is like a bitch boy

      YouDimWitOfAChild Reply

      1. God, put yourself in his position.
        If you still would be in your right mind that would be a wonder.
        And even if you imagine yourself being in his position, there is still a very high chance of you not doing the things, you think you would do.
        I think Norman is mentally REALLY exhausted, he did things ALONE until now.
        And sure he had Emma and Ray back then when they were still in Grace Field.
        But he left, he thought he would die, that’s already very difficult to accept.
        After that you know what he had to do and where he was, plus he was alone.
        His new comrades are bad influence on him too, but they all have a reason why they became like that. It’s just very unfair of all of you to call him “Bitch Boy” and not realizing that all he wants is to help everyone. Finding a way to help everyone is hard too, he doesn’t want to disappoint his family/ old friends, but on the other side he doesn’t want to disappoint his new friends who have been through a lot.
        That’s really a lot of weight he has to hold on his shoulders, all alone.

        Killua_707 Reply

    2. yes he’s doing this for everyone’s sake, not just for himself. Emma thinks everything can just be peaceful between the two but Normans right, there will always be a betrayal between the demons and humans. SOMEONE NEEDS TO KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO EMMA! Normans plan is so much smarter. I get Emma’s pov with “the demons have kids too, they are just like us” but they have to defeat them in order to survive and there will be no more problems with demons!!!

      bungeegum Reply

      1. I do realize that Norman has gone through a lot, but Norman not only wants to kill Musicia, he is EXPERIMENTING on demons. Ok Norman has def crossed the line by now. SOMEONE NEEDS TO KNOCK SENSE INTO BOTH EMMA AND NORMAN. And I totally agree with y’all, Emma is being a bit too clueless, but I think she will realize that soon enough and try to find a middle ground with Norman. Or Norman has to find a middle ground with Emma. idk

        Banana Reply

        1. You have some good points, and I agree but im curious, what do you suggest for the middle ground? Like kill half the demons? lol

          The solution I propose is nuking the whole world and killing all the demons AND children /s
          : D

          Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  6. norman, you’re gonna end up like light if you pull a light move, so please stop ✋

    GAB Reply

  7. stop with the fucking bullshit that ‘He Is BeCoMinG lIke LiGhT’ no stfu light had a God complex and Norman just wants to carry everything on his back without letting any feelings out, he’s willing to become a monster if he needs to, and all of this to protect them

    ARMIN Reply

  8. Norman…. n o .

    Please don’t do this alone. The whole point of this story is that family is great and you’re supposed to rely on others. I can see what’s happening now, they all hate the demons because of the horrible things done to the them. They’re all going insane thanks to the demons. And Norman has gone crazy. He’s changed because of that awful camp.

    Norman’s lost his sanity and doesn’t realize what is wrong and what is right, he’s forgotten everything he knew in the House. Because he wanted to be a loner, who didn’t have to rely on anyone for help because he didn’t want to trouble them.

    He loves Emma but he doesn’t realize what’s happening. He doesn’t know what’s good or bad.


    Cooki Reply

    1. best ships in tpn:

      emma x giraffe
      ray x fire
      norman x therapy

      fite me

      Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  9. I’m getting Erwin Smith vibes from Norman..I am beyond excited to read more of this shit.

    jules Reply

  10. I love the last page, the illustration is so good like man that’s way better than good

    WhoopsieDoopsieTeletubbiesssssssssssssssss Reply

  11. Conflict like this Is always good. It sets up the story very well in a way THATS not boring or predictable. Norman’s character change is also super cool! Honestly don’t know what some of you are bitching about on the change of Norman’s character it’s so badass and turns the story in a very interesting way. If we all had it ur way the story would have ended already 😂😂

    Zeta Reply


      weather you love or hate bitch boi, he has become one of the most complex and interesting characters, (imo)

      which reminds me . . .
      rip ray screentime
      press [f] to pay respects

      Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  12. bitch boy really wants my head to hurt. Like DUDE bitch boy is doing all of this by himself. He could as Emma and Ray for more info or assistance. He really wants them to be in the dark of everything. :(((

    crying in weeb Reply


    milktea Reply

  14. Norman is goated hes up there with my guy eren lol 🐐 #staydangerous

    Johan Liebert Reply

    1. “Hi Norman from TPN”
      “Hi Eren from AOT”

      “. . .”

      g e n o c i d e

      Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  15. I don’t think Norman is pulling a Light move at all. Emma is sadly sympathizing with demons and isn’t really looking at this situation realistically. Now while Norman shouldn’t take this on and rely on himself, yes, Emma should not be surprised if Norman does continue on with his plan.

    Only thing I don’t agree with is killing Música because she is and ally AND is a trump card to the monarchy.

    MISA Reply

    1. yea this confuses me too
      like why musica? (please dont kill her I like her)

      also hi misa misa : D

      Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  16. I hate this comment section for the anti-norman comments 😑

    He is literally burdening himself for the sake of everyone. His decision is rational. When the mere existence and nature of something becomes a threat to your own existence the optimal solution is to eradicate the enemy. Sympathy and emotions do not gain victory all the time.

    If 7 walls don’t succeed then Norman’s plan would be the only way.

    Ru Reply

      1. I wouldn’t say its anti-Norman. Its anti-Norman’s plans. Also anti-Emma’s plans cuz she is being to kind. I don’t think Norman’s decision is rational. Experimenting on them? Come on. They could just wipe out the demons who WANT to eat humans. Of course there are exceptions. I think demons should be wiped out. UGH i can’t exactly form a solution with this much knowledge. Read on.

        Pickle Reply

        1. reasons this probably would’t work:

          – demons have already been eating children, so they have the natural urge to eat them. It might be difficult to convince them to stop.
          – how would you separate the “bad” demons from the “good” demons when killing the demons?
          – even if the all of the current children eating demons were somehow eliminated, how would we guarantee there wont be demons in the future that pick up the habit again?
          -I’m sorry if none of this makes sense, it’s 4:00 in the morning for me rn
          Solution: nuke the whole world, kill all the demons and the children /s 😀

          I agree with you when you say that experimenting on them is a step too far, and both emma’s and norman’s plans are pretty reckless. I’m lowkey agree with norman though, but I feel like irl I would side with emma

          Mark_zuccerballs Reply

          1. holy shit I wrote a whole ass paragraph
            what am I doing with my life


  17. yep he was, and he was doing the wrong thing. He should’ve shared the weight with both of his friends. But I do agree with you, he must’ve went through a lot in order to end up like that. But you can’t use that as an excuse for Norman experimenting on demons. dude, thats totally messed up

    cherry Reply

    1. Also I agree, experimenting is a no no

      But no one here seems to be complaining about the demons experimenting on the children . . . which I find strange
      I’m still having a hard time sympathizing with the demons for this reason ^^
      also because they have been doing this for almost 1000 years (correct me If I’m wrong)
      maybe I’m just heartless, but Idk

      Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  18. I just realized that Norman told Emma and Ray to go find the 7 walls to get rid of them. He knows they are an obstacle in his plans.

    you Reply

  19. omg nooo norman pls stop doing this all by yourself and stop bottling up all those feelings I love him but he really should seek support from the other children

    hi Reply

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