The Promised Neverland, Chapter 131

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      1. Chiyo_Sakura

        ok now you sound like Misa Misa from death note or one of his fans srsly!But he may be there savior but if they go with his way on the demons there’s a big risk

    1. Hayamiisaki

      Wow can you all like shut up and not call the characters bad names and swear at them?!they’re only characters that aren’t real and every one of them has a role that the author put them there to do so don’t call them bad names they’re not even real and If they were actually real what else would you terrible people say about them huh??!

        1. Mark_zuccerballs

          oh it won’t let me do a link : /


  1. Johan Liebert

    They all next to disappear the only real demon lord here is lord norman.. Young Minerva. Or king James whatever u feel like calling him.. 😈

    1. γ€œ(κ’ͺκ’³κ’ͺ)γ€œ

      Well ig it works out for them seeing how many horny ppl are in the comments they must make a fortune lol