27 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 132

  1. i remember something abt this, anyways ive been meaning to say, why tf do they all look so old. last time i checked the trio is 14, why tf they looking like 20 year olds???

    Cadence Reply

    1. Yeah, I found it a bit weird too. However, they do mention throughout the chapters stuff like “1 year passed since x event” or “we spent x amount of years on this plan”

      Duderino Reply

      1. literally exactly what i’ve been thinking! like emma and ray still pass for pre-teens but norman in that suit literally looks 25-30 when he’s supposed to be 13.

        koji Reply

        1. i think its because norman went through experiments but also had to mature a bit faster than the others cause he was alone without his family

          kenna Reply

          1. maybe

            probably growth enhancing drugs of something like that


        2. yes he is supposed to be 13, when he came back and ther reunited I thought norman from the future came back ( bc he looked os old )

          latinrose Reply

    2. Bitch boy norman was in the other farm which they were experimented on hence why bitch boy looks like 24, but emma and GOD RAY have gone through time skips thus why they look older. Sometimes in the manga they look young due to the illustration of the author but who knows, All I’m saying is Norman still a bitch boy.

      RayPenbar Reply

  2. Something tells me that Norman has forgotten how to play chess considering none of the black pieces are placed right-

    SleepySib Reply

    1. im pretty sure they’re placed correctly, there’s just a bunch of pawns at the front to represent the actual situation


  3. But he just played chess with emma from the Chap They first meet him again Or after that

    Nothing Reply

    1. yeah that’s what I thought too I mean it could be that they didn’t read that passage right or what?

      Chiyo_Sakura Reply

  4. I tink its a description of da enemy forces being disorganized but in great numbers, while da white chess peices r actually in order how theyre supposed 2 b

    Emun Reply

  5. I’m not understanding why they went through the door that way when it clearly says they had to enter from the opposite ends sigh…

    MISA Reply

  6. Nvm I don’t like the queen she’s got ugly vibes but the guard ladies 😥

    naga Reply

  7. If ever they do a live action of this. I can see Mika Nakashima getting the role of queen Reguravarima very much. It’s very perfect for her!

    Kouji Reply

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