The Promised Neverland, Chapter 133

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      1. RayPenbar

        They are in Howl’s moving castle at the moment, also they are in a genjutsu because of itschi reanimating shisui that’s why emma was taken to another floor to deal with the reanimated family members.

        1. mark_zuccerballs

          um uh . . .
          no its very . . .
          10/10 cute kids and wholesomeness not dark at all just cute lolis :DD
          there is also an anime so you can watch that (I think its on amazon)

  1. Ami

    The psychological aspect of this is really interesting. They’re everywhere and knowhere all at once, so of course it would be trippy. This isn’t a domain that humans can comprehend properly and it also isn’t a place that they have any understanding of. In a way they are in that persons (with the constant weird symbol like į[ÿ:đ) realm and that person controls it and so it’s like they are in their playground of sorts. That’s my guess at least.

      1. mark_zuccerballs

        hey me from 2 days ago (and to anyone else reading this)
        Hate to break it to ya but since it is confirmed the anime is going to have a different storyline from the manga, you might not be seeing the scenes animated 🙁

          1. mark_zuccerballs

            hey me from 10 days ago . . .
            yeah . . . we speed running the anime now ig ://
            I was hoping that we would at least get a lambada arc animated instead but i guess not.