The Promised Neverland, Chapter 139

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      1. charcole

        stop calling norman bitch boy. he has been threw so much and helped so many people and now all of a sudden you eejits hate him. why?

    1. rayornorman?howboutboth?lmao

      OMG NORMAN AND THE GANG HOW COULD YOU i feel bad for Ashye now and his dead father T^T also emma you were right <3

    2. Cadence rehab

      You are so retarded it amazes me. Everytime i read one of your comments i feel like killing myself and then coming back to life to tell u how much of a spastic u actually are.

  1. Cooki

    I take back what I said, I love you Ayshe. Your dad should have lived. 😢

    It’s not fair, he was such a sweet demon and they killed him…

  2. Mel

    Man I really wished we could see more of the demon dad’s character :(( dang poor Ayshe, her old man didn’t deserve that D”:

  3. daggergirl

    nothing could make me hate norman LOL sure yeah it was a bummer that demon dad had to die but whatever honestly, just think of all the plantation children that he “worked with” and ate

  4. naga

    DEMON DAD??? no wait I’m going to cryuyy never mind dog girl you have all my respect I love her. That was really cute seeing him sympathize with her, quit his job, and take care of her 😭 they’re capable of being good.. so sad to see him die like that

  5. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa

    Uhh… I might start to really dislike Norman because of the demon dad… you don’t know how sad I am and those bitches thought they saved her? I swear to god I thought they were cool I’ll fucking kill you-