The Promised Neverland, Chapter 146

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  1. Cadence

    bruh what did they do tho? why r u doing this??

    i wish emma and bitch boy were on the same page. hes giving me a sasuke type beat rn.

    1. Hayamiisaki

      Bruh stop calling characters bitch boys that’s just stupid they do not belong to you so don’t call them what you want they just do what they’re made for so stop

    2. grilledbeef

      same, but the difference for me is. sasuke has a hateable evil smile, and norman just serious. so I don’t hate him, but I keep wondering why the hell he do this. I know that he been in a lot of experience with the demons, like see the process and shit and that’s pretty shitty which I can’t blame him. I would also be mad but why you gotta kill the good ones.. and, I also hate his group of assholes lol

      1. mark_zuccerballs

        I might be one of the few people that actually enjoyed sasuke’s character lol.
        I like watching characters struggle, so I found it entertaining to watch sasuke deal with his trauma in unhealthy ways.
        haha sharingan go brrr

  2. William

    How are people lost??? Have they been skipping things? There’s nothing to be lost about???? Norman led an attack during the festival and disabled most of the guards so Giran could destroy the royals and take their place

      1. mark_zuccerballs

        😹😹😹 poopoo ☠ brains 🤑🤬 🎤OWNED 🤡🤡🎤
        with 😍 fackts and 😎 logic 🤬🥶🥶🤡

        😎 imagine being 🤡🤡🕺💃 poopoo ☠ brain 😲😲😳

    1. ARMIN

      they’re just dumb, im sure they are those type of people that when they’re watching a movie with you they’ll keep asking questions even though they were there with you the whole time.

    2. You Should Have Come To Shiratorizawa

      i’m a bit confused coz it’s in black&white and it’s very hard to follow the battle and see who is killed or who is who

      1. 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

        Yeah ikr ngl this is the first manga I’ve read more than a page of I used to be an anime only viewer reading from right to left was confusing too anyways the demon scenes are confusing af

  3. nixie

    i don’t get why the comment section here is sooo hateful of each other!!! so what if someone doesn’t like the new norman, they have reason to. so what if someone’s confused about something, there’s no reason to act like a fcking CHILD and hate on them for being confused ?!>££]£{ why is the fandom so divided rn 😐

  4. MISA

    sigh…i have a feeling they aren’t against Giran coming back because of that one discussion, now the war will be unnecessary.

    I haven’t picked a side between Norman and Emma lmao just as long as they get free LMAO…and gat damn when are they gon go get PHIL 😂😂😂