The Promised Neverland, Chapter 147

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    1. Kkdkdkisod

      Bro you’re getting in my nerves I’ve been trying to ignore your comments the whole time, this makes perfect sense i don’t even know why you’re confused.

  1. Cooki

    I don’t really want Lord Giran to die 😔

    He may be trying to betray the cattle children but he was such a good guy, and he’s really cool. I hope there’s a way for him to survive.

    1. ok boomer

      Yep. There are 5 royals, 700 years ago giran’s clan/area was a little famished so he asked for help from the other royals to spare some money for his area, only to be turned down. Giran then thinked of a plan to help his famished clan with musica’s blood and shared this with his clan general’s(which is now the current, and dead, royalty, dozza). And then dozza betrayed him and 700 years later boom revenge die

  2. Jules

    It annoys me when people degrade those who are a bit lost..maybe try and explain it to them so we can all enjoy this instead of acting stuck up.

  3. doodlebenz

    For those who are lost.

    That was a flashback 700 yrs ago on how Lord Giran (LG) was betrayed by Dozza. LG was the highest ranking of the five nobles. He was wealthy and powerful. There was a shortage of food because the plantation is not going as they expected so he asked for the other nobles’ help to give a portion of their food for everyone to share.

    He heard a rumor about Musica and he sent Dozza to find the truth, because if it is, he can save everyone and no one would be hungry. However, the sob Dozza is a pos traitor who blabbed to the other nobles and I guess he delivered all the demons Musica gave blood to to the other nobles to be of a higher status and labled LG as a traitor. The other nobles, who also do not like LG took that opportunity to banish LG and his clan because as they say, he is too kind. Stupid really. They are jealous of LGs wealth and power that is why they want him gone.

    And back to the present time, he now got his revenge.

  4. charcole

    wow i am having a hard time under standing this. maybe staying up till 4 am 2 nights ago and 3 am yesterday to read the manga was a bad idea

  5. Mark Tugas

    Seems like Giran was reasonable than all of them, and I thought he was weak, he was also betrayed and now the nobles just take all the meat for themselves
    corrupt mfs

    1. mark_zuccerballs

      there is a comment above that explains a few things, hopefully that helps :))
      also dw, a lot of other are lost too lol