15 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 149

  1. too many demons. anyways um the queens nails are the same length as the girls at my school’s

    Cadence Reply

  2. Why do I want Lord Giran to be victorious and eat Norman and become king?? He’s just so amazing.

    Cooki Reply

    1. He probably will, just as norman slays him- emma and his crew will have stopped it. And giran rules over demon, while everyone goea back. (Please be it)

      ok boomer Reply

  3. I love how the Lord Giran story unravels through the chapters, such a good character! I wish their victory as well

    Seruji Reply

  4. im a little confused bc of all the demons but I thing lord girian is a really great character! I definitely think these chapters will be more clear once animated! 🙂

    hi Reply

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