The Promised Neverland, Chapter 152

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  1. Cadence

    bruh bitch boy speaks demon??? starting to wonder if bitch boy is a demon himself bc i mean he was taken out of the camp and he may be a decendent and have one gene of demon in him from the founders of the plantations. just a theory.

    1. mattchacchin

      hm nah. our btch boi just that beyond genius (based on prev chapters) so he can learn demon’s language, even without plantation’s experiment lolol

      and mm?!! zazie is kinda a cutie daankk—

    2. Idkwhtiam

      Ur theory is as pathetic as ur comments stfu
      Norman is a genius he spent alot of time in lambda he must have caught up to their language just by listening to them

      U cannot fkin learn a language just bcuz u have 1 gene of someone who knew it
      Dammit u r such an idiot it’s an eyesore.

      1. mark_zuccerballs


    3. candenceyourtrash

      stfu Cadence, you dont have the right to call Norman a bitch boy, when you’re no better. Do you have the slightest clue whats he’s gone through or are you just a dumbass who thinks of yourself as someone who actually has a brain? I bet if you were in TPN no demon would eat your brain because you dont have a brain. Just shut the fuck up and go to hell

  2. Maverick

    I honestly can’t blame Norman and his comrades for the path they took. I mean, let’s be realistic about this. Most people in their shoes would have done the exact same thing.

    1. sugamama

      I mean… you’re totally right. I think in the grand scheme of things, Norman is doing all of this to ensure Emma (and the rest of the kids) has a happy future.

      1. Mark_zuccerballs

        from what a have gathered:

        norman: bitch boi (best boi in my heart)
        zazie: best boi (protecc)
        ray: emo boi
        ayshe: wolf girl
        emma: just emma

  3. Bokuto's juicy booty

    I honestly would’ve done the same thing bitch boi did like he’ve seen much more worse than what emma saw so he must be traumatized and the same with his comerades.
    Anyways zazie is cute

    1. mark_zuccerballs

      he is like 5

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  4. Seruji

    Best chapter so far. Zazie slicing the queen’s head, a not so happy ending for Emma… I was about to abandon the manga, but it turns to be more mature and interesting than before!

          1. mark_zuccerballs

            hello me from 20 days ago,
            you should really get a life instead of spending your free time replying to yourself in a wordpress blog.
            Also rip bunker dad.

    1. mark_zuccerballs

      ¨zazie is attractive¨
      you are horny.

      You have been *bONked*

      I am not a bot. I am a Volunteer Lurker. I do not have mod powers but my comments are taken seriously and those who get on my bad side tend to get banned in under 24 hours. I have numerous rules, which you may read in my post history, but 1 is the most important rule of all

      • ⁠I am an officer in training, and I expect to be treated the same way I would be with my uniform and badge.

      Watch your back and get used to this face kiddo, you’ll be seeing a lot of it.

  5. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    Ah so ma boy was the special offer to ##&&& guy🤷. The exclusive meat they kept talking about meant for ##&&&. Too bad he’s one of MC so u cant eat him