42 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 153

  1. BABY NORMAN:,,,,,,,( gbtlvuoyfrbdhuvofyhdvckjdsubvkjybdsukvychbdsku i love him again. bby pulling a sasuke, mafuyu, and me all at the same time (is mental illness in it??). im so sorry i talk like this

    Cadence Reply

      all this time you kinda bugging me for sucked him out lolol
      BUT LETS LOVING HIM 2gether now!

      mattchacchin Reply

      1. yes, I have been losing brain cells reading their comments smh :l

        Mark_zuccerballs Reply

    2. finally you my baby Norman!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH HE FINALLY TAKES THERE HAND FOR REALLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Chiyo_Sakura Reply

    3. U r such a bitch god damm
      Like talk abt irony
      Dumb srsly god i will die seeing her/his comments

      Idkwhtiam Reply

    4. Woahww…. You just go back to bby when you call him bitch…. Sebarashi👏👏👏

      Shithead Reply

    5. Finally bitch boy turned into a man :’) (by crying but still its manly tears) still PHIL IS THE GOD

      RayPenbar Reply

      1. i wanna give everyone in this manga a hug rn

        . . .

        except andrew fuck you andrew
        I hope you are enjoying your time in hell, I hope you burn and suffer for all of eternity fuck you

        Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  2. Oh my god, Norman’s backkkkkkk
    😄😄😄😄😄😄. But i wanna know
    What happened to phil 😫😫😫

    Rin Reply

  3. FINALLY! Ya know Norman it’s not healthy to bottle up so many emotions

    blep Reply

  4. to have friends like this OMGGGz but y’all need to get my boy phil

    notsoprettyricky:0 Reply


    I can’t believe everyone in the comment section just did a full 180, like geez, make up your mind

    in all seriousness I’m glad norman is finally being honest, though he is literally a walking death flag now

    the power of TNJ XD

    Mark_zuccerballs Reply

  6. yes bottling up all those emotions isn’t good norman. also ray has had like 4 lines in the latest volumes…whats up with that

    hi Reply

  7. sometimes i forget that norman is also about 14-15 rn. i really liked seeing this side of him, i can really relate to his character.

    leilanis Reply

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