The Promised Neverland, Chapter 158

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      1. Mark_zuccerballs

        season 2 is scheduled for winter 2021 I think
        Im guessing season 2 isn’t going to make it this far into the manga, so we might have to wait a bit longer :'(

        Might be a while before we see norman animated again too 😐

  1. koji

    feels kinda ex-machina for her to be like “welp ur just gonna die right now bc i said so”. Like this big battle has been building up and the Queen is supposed to be the strongest demon but now she’s dying because all of a sudden it’s too much for her to handle the thing she’s done for centuries? kinda anti-climatic and idek whats gonna happen past this part :/.

    1. Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK

      Well it’s because she wanted the ultimate power. She consumed so much when her 2nd core came about. Plus, she was basically a mary sue. No actual way of dying. She has everything in her palm and can do basically anything. What else would happen?

    2. Mark Tugas

      Maybe eating too much at once was the problem, cause they’ve probably eaten lots for like 700 years, also they frequently eat with small amounts so yeah, I think she ate too much at once and to top that off, the toxins made by Norman

  2. scaramouche gets mouche

    what if the humans her highness ate, will be back? i mean mom crone will be like “EmMaAaaaaaAA lets play” lmaAAoo

  3. Im a simp