The Promised Neverland, Chapter 159

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  1. Cadence

    the big demon guy is such a cinnamon roll i wanna stretch his cheeks out and give him chocolate hes such a good boy i love him

          1. Vannah

            Guys I’m crying because one:
            I’m so happy about everyone figuring things out so far..and also hoping that norman doesn’t die ;-;
            And 2:
            I’m close to finishing the manga😭😭

    1. Tendou's simp

      oh wait-

      i forgot about that! we haven’t figured out what happened to phil yet! also…if andrew killed him istg im not finishing the manga

  2. Mark Tugas

    Ahhh, good thing they didn’t forget about Peter, I thought Peter would come to aid the queen but it looks like he’s out for the cattle children


    Gdyby tak mozna bylo spojrzec na swiat bez zadnej innej ochrony, uczciwie i odwaznie – peklyby nam z pewnocia serducha

  4. Pianino System

    Dano ci zycie, ktlre jest tylko opowiescia. Ale to juz twoja sprawa, jak ty ja opowiesz i czy umrzesz pelen dni. – Marek Hlasko