The Promised Neverland, Chapter 162

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  1. Cadence

    okay but ISABELLA? OUR THICC QUEEN???? we never did see her die but i assumed. btw i was wondering, why is emma the main character? why not phil or bitch boy or ray? or mama for that matter? or the queen? idk. or the minerva legacy, starting with minerva and ending with bitch boy. anyways, i hope emma wins this fight only to get eaten my the |fhb boy

    1. emily

      this is such a sad / grotesque world that i think having a character who is positive and believes in humanity is good balance. ray or norman would make this story way to sad to read djskwk

      1. William

        I don’t think they were saying Emma shouldn’t be the lead, they were just wondering why. Other than bring “premium” and being optimistic, there’s nothing that would by normal standards make her special enough to be a main character. Norman, for example, became the new Minerva and sought to free all cattle children (but he’d be a bad choice in protag due to him being against Emma’s plan until she convinced him) Ray is Isabella’s son and has a connection with her, which would make him seem like a good canadite (But I will say he’s better as a supporting lead) Emma is definitely the best choice due to her story arc and optimism. As for Phil, while he does have her optimism and story arc and smarts, he’s young and was trapped in the farms. With Isabella and the Queen, they played more of a support antagonist role and don’t actually travel around outside of their destination.

        1. William

          Oh shit wait I read your comment wrong I thought you were talking about we needed more optimistic protags because our world is shitty and you were hating on Cadence for that. Sorry lol

    2. Shyanna

      Shes not the only main character, if we think of it Emma, Ray, and Norman are the main characters. Why? Because they are the ones to safe the “Cattle” they change the world for the better in the most selfless way.

      1. Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK

        I agree with Shyanna, there isn’t one main character. There’s really three protags. Ray, Norman, and Emma. We always get views on their lives (mainly Ray and Emma) and since we see them so much it’s hard to tell which is the real main character here.

    3. Carol

      Even if Emma isn’t the only main character, most anime protagonists have the most power. They’re always special in a way. Sometimes even OP. And I’m not saying Emma isn’t special but it’s series like this that I enjoy. The series where the protagonist isn’t the one who does all the special things. Because sometimes the protagonist has to be a side character and I enjoy the series that remember that. Plus, yes Emma fits really well into the protagonist role. She’s the optimism and the bravery in their absolutely twisted world. I truly think she’s the correct option for the role ^^

  2. Shithead

    Shit shit shit shit shit!!!!!
    I think the previous grandma took the responsible to Isabella fault and Isabella became the grandma!!! (Idk if it’s true or not…)
    Damnnnnnn when I think that she already became a good guy….. When the fuck did she became GRANDMA??? Ray don’t even married yet?? (I knew I’m spouting nonsense 😔😔)


    GRANDMA???? I did not see this coming. Kinda like how I ain’t never seen 2 pretty best friends.. Always 1 of them gotta be ugly.

  4. Mark Tugas

    Damn, would still smash her err-
    Nvm that, I thought Isabella was really kind but she turned into a Grandma
    In the end, she had no choice but to become a Grandma just to live

  5. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    I really wish the reward #&&& asked for was Peter’s head! Fucking bitch.

    Oh lookie mama is back. Y she look cray-cray?