17 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 163

  1. bruh what the fuck?? cant these people ever have anything easy for them?? god–

    Cadence Reply

      1. They do have penis!! I’ve se–///) uhuk…. What are you saying again?

        Shithead Reply

    1. Bitch boy playing chess, peter playing checkers, authors playing with my emotions WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT

      RayPenbar Reply

  2. I cried for this part I felt so bad for the kids they know there parents are gonna die .That is why I like Emma’s plan.

    alexandra Reply

  3. are they dumb ‘we’re arresting you for attempting to overthrow the government’ WHAT DID THE GOVERNMENT EVER DO FOR THEM. NOTHING.

    ARMIN Reply

  4. No wonder the kids are losing to Peter. They were all playing chess while he was over here playing frickin Shogi or whatever it is

    Captain_Levi Reply

  5. They really need to kill that guy. Corruption at its finest. Demons are so much like humans as they devoured traits like ours.

    I volunteer as tribute Reply

  6. LOL i was so dramatic when i found out sonju wanted to eat humans. i honestly don’t blame him. i like him again now so i rly hope they don’t die

    daggergirl Reply

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