The Promised Neverland, Chapter 165

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    1. annabelle

      at first i used to enjoy seeing all ur comments here but now ur getting annoying and repeating the same things as before smh

      shakin my head on this one lmao

    2. Bruh

      I just I could find your address so I could beat the shit out of you then delete all these comments here coz you’re obnoxious af

  1. Cooki

    Goddamnit Isabella, you could’ve stayed as a hero in our books!! You could’ve let your children be free!! But instead… you decided to become.. this.

    You’re even worse than before. I hope you get betrayed and shot at, only to be eaten alive before being able to die. Go to hell 🖕

    1. ok boomer

      Same as sister krone, she didnt want to die. She had an escape of getting away from all that mess in this jail cell, but those Ratri fucks gave her power.

    1. Tendou's simp

      i thought she died to protect the children and give them more time to run away….and her backstory had all of us loving her but now…she has truly become a monster.

  2. milkiewae

    Everyone is talk h about Isabella, but now no one is going to talk about Nat? My guy just had his fingers broken tf 😭

    1. Wickedy wack the table goes SMACK

      I mean- she did just went from, bad guy, good guy, then back to a very bad guy. But Nat is a good kiddo, so we don’t need to bully Nat, just Isabella.

  3. Seruji

    I have a love-hate relationship with Isabella, she’s so sweet but also cold-blooded sometimes that turns me crazy. Is she selfish or she stills love them? And what about her son Ray?

  4. sugamama

    I still feel bad for Isabella like… she just wants to survive. I feel like deep down, she never wanted to kill any of her children (hence the “I wish I could’ve just loved them normally). Emma is basically a braver and less selfish version of Isabella (technically Emma is the opposite of selfish).

  5. naga

    Oh my god her faceeee I want to believe she’s pained to see this bc she thought that she was finally gonna get rid of this horrible life only to live one even worse but she’s gotta do this shit to survive. RATri giving her false promises. still hot doe

  6. Eri-chan

    Just…. 3 things:
    1. Mama can die in a hole
    2. My dear Nat is suffering T-T I will not firgive the people that did that
    3. Thank god the trio is back in the game! : D

  7. Mark Tugas

    It’s Peter that we should be pissed at, Isabella thought she’ll be free from all the things she’s done or her suffering but no, she continues to suffer and becomes a Grandma but at what cause tho? Peter said Freedom, so Isabella’s willing to fulfill Peter’s plan just for her to live again and not become a Grandma ? Something’s wrong, after that taking away your chip panel, her face changed, I wonder what this freedom is