The Promised Neverland, Chapter 168

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        1. JustANjggaWhoLikesAnime

          Lol yea hentai ads it kinda scary cause I read this in school so if someone walk up they’ll see the ads but I don’t care I’m glad that they’re at least uploading the manga so we can read for free

      1. RayPenbar

        SIMPS! ADMIN SIMPS! ADMIN DONT NEED YOUR PATRONIZING WORDS, ALL OF YOU ARE SIMPS!!! i love you admin ty for your work I really enjoy this site

  1. Osaki

    I wanna know how their world will change in the future, like, if they really make it to the human world they must be so deep into PTSD omg especially the little ones

  2. Mark Tugas

    It’s like the Avengers Endgame now, except their building a future and not reviving the past and now, since Peter saw what they could do, he intends to kill them all and just have premium goods using Lambda, no more caress of some sorts, just pure meat so that the next generation that he can create cannot do a rebellious act

  3. My Dumb Lesbian A**

    peter actually sounds like my dad, “i gIVe yOu GoOd fOoD, gOOd lIviNg, GOod elEctRoNicS, gOoD mOnEY, aNd YeT yoU sTiLl gIVe mE aTtiTudE anD dIsrEsPeCt mE”. this concerns me.