The Promised Neverland, Chapter 170

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    1. Two piece

      I seriously pity this guy, I mean he’s so pathetic how is he the main villain, does he have no honour? making a face like that

    1. jules

      iโ€™m so fucking stressed and mad why did they keep talking why didnโ€™t they just shoot the ugly fucker now heโ€™s gonna do some shit iโ€™m STRESSED THE FUCK OUT

  1. lol

    Thats what you get bitch. Awwww are you gonna cry now that your faced with the actual fear of death? Awww boo hoo. Wonder how those thousands of children felt one they were “adopted”

  2. naga

    his ain’t no redemption for her I mean she basically can’t be redeemed after all she did but like feels like it’s gonna be a quick ass “I’m sorry” and then some kind of heroic sacrifice. like in she ra s5 cough y’know what I mean

  3. abbsiguess

    he’s pathetic.
    like i dont even wanna compare him running to scooby-doo because at least my homie scooby was a good guy.