The Promised Neverland, Chapter 172

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  1. ghostyn

    okay the blm protests, coronavirus, and poc/muslim struggles that appear as emma is talking about how she and peter and the demons aren’t that different?πŸ‘Œ

  2. bokuto's juicy booty

    I can’t explain the love i have for this manga just the fact that they mentioned the struggles we’re going through currently and comparing it to the plot is magnificent

  3. ARMIN

    I love this manga, they showed the problems that are going around the whole world. This is more than a fictional story. I hope they somehow include that one panel as well

  4. BlueBree08

    You know something that’s been on my mind as I read this manga, we are the demons and animals are the cattle children in our world… I mean I’m not wrong am I? Animals also have feelings and families, but we kill them anyways! If we were treated like cattle children we would be terrified to go outside, for once I am thinking about being vegan. πŸ™

    1. Ohwownonamenecessary

      Actually, no. The difference between us and animals in our intellect. Animals are not smart enough to actually go against being eaten. Besides they are aware they are food, its nature. If animals WERE smart enough tho? then they wouldn’t be eaten, they would be able to talk, they would be able to make choices like we do.

      I dont recommend veganism, just because you need meat for iron and other proteins. Buuut it’s your life so idc

      1. blueberriesareprettygood

        A. You don’t “need meat”.
        B. Lack of intelligence that does not justify killing. Do you think Emma would have killed all those brain dead children in the farms? Do you not see how this manga is about how unnecessary and cruel factory farming is?

      2. VeganismIsFuture

        First, i highly suggest to you that you inform about veganism before trash talking without any information.

        -Meat is expendable from human diet. You can get iron from many vegetables, and proteins from soy, lentils and beans.
        -What is that bullshit that animals dont “have the intelect to not get eaten”. All animals struggle to survive, even the industrial farm ones try to escape. Of course you don’t know any of this because you just open your mouth before even trying to inform yourself.
        -Industrial farms are not “natural”.
        -just who tf you think you are to say “i don’t recommend veganism”

        what i DO recommend to you is that you actually search for something about veganism before talking. I can suggest to you many documentaries about it like “What the health” or “Cowspiracy”.

      1. MISA

        that was also the first thing i thought of but this manga also made me consider that in this case, no one is above the circle of life and this just happens to be a story of the two at the top. Neither group has a necessity for the other, but in this case they are subjected to the food chain. Eat or be eaten.

        idk about not recommending vegan bc some ppl just can’t handle it LMAO just like some bodies are better suited for a vegan diet, but just like humans would need the meat for protein demons eat humans to stay sharp.

        No one is wrong for (not) eating meat, just like emma isn’t wrong for wanting to end the cycle. however this chapter does bring question to both sides

        1. a.mana

          I take both sides. Its natural for people to eat meat. But its unnatural to be cruel to them. In my religion, Islam, we believe that animals should be killed by slicing a certain vein so that death for them would be painless. Also, animal farms are really cruel and bad if the animals in there are treated horribly.
          If a vegan/vegetarian would end up in an apocalypse, then they would definitely eat meat to survive. Or if the same person was born a couple of centuries ago, eating meat would be the norm. So I think this manga tries to tell you that its bad for people to have animals farms where animals are killed horrendously and are treated inhumanely their entire lives.

  5. jules

    they way she talks ab not being so different from eachother reminds me of Armin when he talked about killing humans..the love i have for this manga is just….


      Yeah I could fr right a whole essay on all of the parallels between this and attack on titan. They’re both such good mangas and I can’t wait for the later chapters to be animated.

  6. MikaJ

    when he said ” Come die with daddy my children” i was scared
    and that one part with Corona virus written on the broken glass was just sad

  7. Seruji

    It’s deeper than it seems at first view, it’s so well ploted that scares a bit of me, a bit when you know you are part of a demon in a world that takes advantages of others (look where your clothes are made). Even the author is giving the grain of sand with the story made.

  8. Shithead

    “Emma such a softie!” Yeappp …. That’s what we like tho 🀣🀣 but stop bringing up Lucas and Yuugo😭😭😭😭😭

  9. naga

    Usually I don’t like it when media tries to implement a real life issue into the story but the way this did it was actually quite a pleasant surprise. It was more directed to us as readers with that one panel and it’s actually very nice. I’m here for it

  10. daggergirl

    just kill him omg trying to talk is the single dumbest decision these kids have ever made. can’t ray’s traitor mindset kick in again so he can just shoot peter without talking to the others about it??? PLEASE omg

  11. im a weeb

    got something from this:1)mama became a tsundere 2) there’s the corona virus,blm protest and i think its the free Palestine/syria (im not quite sure and im ashamed because im a Muslim) 3)my hate for peter will never go away


    Wow this is one of the very few mangas that actually touch on real world subjects, and the thing is that this is set in 2048! the fight isn’t over and it may not be for a long time. The promised Neverland and Bleach are probably my favorite mangas, and rightfully so πŸ™‚

  13. neri

    Thisss emmaaa dude! So suck! I know this ratri dude will throw the knife at her and either ray or norman will die for her sake. I hope she’s the reward i hope she’ll be eaten I hope she will.

  14. Peepeepoopoo

    talk no jutsu…. wth the main antagonist. Really? THis manga sucks so bad. So glad season 2 of the anime immediately diverged.

  15. Haha...Children Farms

    Also, this manga will be one of the best mangas I’ve ever read. I haven’t even finished it yet but it already feels nostalgic. I don’t want this to end. :'<