18 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 173

  1. O_O… the inclusion, the tension, the drama, the realism, and the spirts of reality in here i feel are trying to send a message to human kind…

    Cadence Reply

      1. I don’t think they were trying to say “don’t eat meat.” Both the humans and demons were fine with consuming meat of the lesser animals that did not have consciousness (fish, birds, etc) They were showing the parallels in corruption especially within the government and how people are treated.

        William Reply

        1. Tf do you mean they don’t have consciousness? All animals are conscious. Plants as well. Anything that can respond to stimuli is conscious. Even bacteria are classified as conscious organisms. Viruses are not conscious because they do not respond to stimulus or, in fact, do anything besides reproduction. But birds, fish, etc are all conscious.

          Isabella Reply

          1. *sigh You know what he actually means. It’s unconscious as in they don’t have the thinking like humans does. Yes they do know fear of being eaten and sure they run from their predators but they don’t have the ability to think like humans or communicate to us. To plan to escape is beyond that. If they do, then we might not eat them. Some animals willing to be eaten, that is fact. Some doesn’t. And people who feel sorry to animals and don’t eat them, that’s fine too.


    1. Lol at Peter and these comments. Y’all gonna go eat a 4 piece mcnugget later that was raised in one of them mass production farms or nah?

      Johan Liebert Reply

  2. the piece of shit is right, the human world is as messed up as the demon world. i honestly hope we all die, we dont deserve to live with all the discrimination, hatred, killing, wars, cruelty. there’s no way everyone could just live peacefully because the government dont care about us, i wish everyone was like emma

    ARMIN Reply

  3. I’m sad again I’ll take a moment and play a song cause Peter is dead that backstory mad me cry

    MikaJ Reply

  4. Love how it’s revealed that the demon world is an allegory of human history – the demons are exactly what lives in the human world inside human beings, the evil, the soul-devouring, endless wars and violence – this manga just takes those qualities and imagines them in demon-form, flesh- instead of soul-devouring – so deep omg

    Osaki Reply

  5. This inclusion isn’t anything riveting imo. it’s nice to have it though. but feels kind of cheesy… At least it’s in tune with current/recent events

    naga Reply

  6. I feel like most humans had lost hope. Peter Ratri gave up his own life because he felt the world were humans could live in peace was absolutely impossible. Its sad to think of all the people who did away with themselves had lost hope of a world like that. I feel hope is what kept the people alive. Emma helped the kids hope for a future they could create together which is why this just hurt my heart to read.

    Tendou's simp Reply

  7. If the whole point was to tell the readers the world is bad and not to eat meat then i’m not gonna lie they lost me a bit, I didn’t need 173 chapters to tell me that….

    …now if this is saying something about governments.. 👀👀👀

    MISA Reply

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