The Promised Neverland, Chapter 176

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    1. Tendou's simp (aka finny)

      I literally believe that all of us just died a little. its strange how we , as strangers , can feel the same greif together as if we where family.

      i guess maybe we are family y’know?

  1. Animewatcherthatcouldn'twaitforthesecondseason

    At least she gets to meet Lislie (is that how you spell it?) In the afterlife

  2. Cooki

    Hahahaahah you thought you could do something, demon,? By killing our favorite character, you thought you were unbeatable?!

    You thought wrong. The fandom is on their way to your location now. Goodbye. 😁

    1. Tendou's simp

      omg yes TvT

      she didint get to see the human world and neither did our babies connie yugo lucas or the others we didint have names for and that breaks my heart.

  3. Tendou's simp

    I knew it was going to happen but it hurts so much more then i thought it would. My heart literally broke i cant! I love you isabella.

    You’ve done so many wrong things in your life, But deep down there was a reason. You Made a life and tried so hard to make the kids happy but you where hurting. Im happy you finally found yourself even though we didint get to meet the real you for long. I love you so much isabella. I Just wish you had gotten to see the human world for the first time.

    now im crying TvT

  4. naga

    I keep on coming back to this specific chapter because I feel like killing off isabella was completely for shock factor. They finally get their salvation, everyone’s free, and then bam the heroic sacrifice within the last few chapters… i mean it was obviously coming, but it’d have been SUCH a cool derivative to see an actual redemption that would let the “antagonist” last for once. especially with what ray had said to her not even two chapters ago. After all she did, an easy forgiveness, and then a sudden death? It just feels so… Wrong??? It’s just me because I’m biased and I fucking looove isabelle, however, it would’ve been much nicer to see her return with the kids and reestablish and take on an actual role. I’m bitter about this sorry