The Promised Neverland, Chapter 182



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15 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 182


    MoooN Reply

    1. There was an ending. The ending was emma made a deal with the demon who ruled all demons and that demon he always asked for a “reward” and emma had agreed that in exchange for her family to be safe and live happily in the human world she would loose them. The demon wanted her family but he couldent have them because they would be in the human world. He also couldent kill emma. So he took everything from her, He took her family by erasing her memories of them. But When the others found her finally they realized she had finally given everything she had to protect them and she had payed for it the worst by loosing not only her memories but herself. And she had said “I feel like…I’ve always wanted to see you” while crying for reasons she didint understand. She explained how her heart felt pained and warm at the same time and she didint know why. In the end norman said “Screw destiny…let’s live together!” and it ended with emma saying “okay…”

      so long story short emma lost her memories and the others found her (by fate in my opinion because the necklace was from musica y’know and she lost it and then when she found it they found her) And she couldent remember them and norman realized the truth as did the others and norman thanked her saying it was because of emma that they where free. Emma started to cry and then she agreed to live with them meaning the real emma was still there no matter what.

      Tendou's simp (aka finny) Reply

  2. its was an honor to meet you guys but what if they made it like norman was forced to go on the bad side and kill humans and he was told to look for kids that were ray and emma and the other and he say them and then he stopped and then they cryed and hugged but then he was screaming because he knew he would die if he didnt kill them then emma idk what sad but then back up was coming so norman said go and then emma and the other forged a new promise then norman and the others went to fight the bad guys and then they were about to kill emma and norman came running and died 😀

    anime4life Reply

  3. You know now that we’re seeing this, it really makes me want to see stuff from Isabella’s perspective… Like how she felt when she had to ship off her first child and how she came to be so stoic regarding this. idk I’m just so interested in her rn and she just died like that which makes me saddss

    naga Reply

  4. I’m so happy that “Cadence” person didn’t comment this time. hahaha good day it is. Only fresh pure comments.

    Elijah Reply

  5. Apparently some people think this is another part to it that’s gonna continue but it’s not. It’s just showing how the whole story began because Ray was the one who put little bunny on the table for Emma and Norman to find so it could get the ball rolling for the whole story. Tying up lose ends

    SleepySib Reply

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