The Promised Neverland, Chapter 183



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20 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 183

  1. Im so glad we got a happy ending, but so sad its over. This is one of the best things I have ever read. It made me get so many feels and I adore it. I love this series. Love ya, TPN.

    HalfwayToHeaven Reply

    NOO it cant be!
    i was expecting more um idk… wat-
    im so confuse i want to see them happy living i wanna see emma go with ray and norman
    atleast a cute panel where this three where going to school or something amiling and teaching emma all she forgot ;3;
    🙁 i feel so empty
    i really dont want it to enddddd

    latinrose Reply

  3. These children fuel my happiness with their adorable smiles and they are the light of my life and shall never die

    SleepySib Reply

  4. is it just me or the ending kinda sucked? i hope it changes in the show or gets adjusted a bit, it’s just kinda disappointing how she can’t have her dream. it’s almost like she’s dead, the emma they all loved is gone

    peach Reply

    1. I think it was fine. It would have sucked to have EVERYTHING go their way. We still got a happy ending but some consequence to their actions was needed and it make the ending more realistic.

      Grid Reply

  5. That doesn’t seem like a happy ending to me. It made me cry and not happy tears sad tears. I cried a lot when Isabella died though. 😭✋

    Chrollo Lucilfer Reply

    1. Same, I cried when Yuugo saw his friends too… I haven’t cried this much since Your Lie in April.

      simpfor2Dcharacters Reply

  6. Everyone being disappointed at the ending, but me found it very reasonable. Come on guys, everything we do must have consequences. Everything we seek, everything we want. There must be something in exchange before we can get it. Nothing free in our world. Thats what the lesson of the ending.

    Norman Reply

    1. You’re 100% correct! Everything we do have consequences! And at least it didn’t end with them just never finding Emma. Them finding her and her agreeing to live with them, is a happy ending to me.

      simpfor2Dcharacters Reply

  7. Monkeys paw,…. Bwahaha ah, well. i really liked this manga. ending didn’t really scratch an itch but that’s how it most always goes hahaha. still glad we got a happy ending that came with consequences. its a better choice than everything being suddenly perfect. wish isabella coulda stayed though. i have some irks with that bc the demon came so fast and ……. I’ll shut up now lol

    Thanks for uploading this!

    naga Reply

  8. I loved this manga so much. I was kinda hoping she would remember what happened in the demon world but forgot that she was with people and what she was fighting for. I still loved the ending . Ngl was hoping ray and emma would get together.

    Coffee Jelly Reply

  9. To everyone who made it this far CONGRATULATIONS!! man have we been through ups downs tears laughter man I freakin love this manga and I love all y’all the ones who commented made the experience much better knowing there’s others reading this some in school like me but man I can’t believe it’s over what a phenomenal yet heart wrenching ended I know we all can’t wait till this is animated hey maybe I’ll see y’all on another online manga

    JustANjggaWhoLikesAnime Reply

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