34 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 47

  1. can the demons rly be mad that humans started slaughtering them after they preyed on and ate them for that long tho LOL

    daggergirl Reply

  2. demons: slaughtering mankind
    mankind: +fights back+
    demons: wait, that’s illegal

    darling Reply

    1. and what if someday they are now in the human world, i think the humans will be angered coz they escaped

      MaryHeart Reply

  3. This is the exact same thing we do to animals but, we don’t show them as much love as they did in the farms.

    Birdo Reply

  4. The Promised Neverland is just so exciting and interesting, i cant wait for January 2021 when season 2 of the anime comes out.

    Elixir Genjutsu Reply

  5. of course they’ll find a way haha love em kids 💖
    i am so hyped for s2!!!

    Vanika Stark Reply

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