The Promised Neverland, Chapter 47

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        1. Random Weeb Roaming Around Town

          Wow your profile looks like Shinobu acting like that guy in bleach- I don’t watch bleach but I found a pic of him having those random straws or whatever in his mouth- but like literally this is sick

  1. daggergirl

    can the demons rly be mad that humans started slaughtering them after they preyed on and ate them for that long tho LOL

  2. Elixir Genjutsu

    The Promised Neverland is just so exciting and interesting, i cant wait for January 2021 when season 2 of the anime comes out.

  3. Random Weeb Roaming Around Town

    Why does it take frikin so long to post the season 2- I NEED TO WATCH IT- and if they accepted it would come out in January 2021 they obviously already made more than 1 episode THEY JUST NEED TO POST IT- WE WILL WAIT PATIENTLY FOR THE NEXT EPISODE- And it’s just a episode.

  4. Randomweeb

    Plottwist: kimetsu no yaiba ends with a treaty and separation between demons and humans. And thus why this is all happening ! Jk