29 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 48

      1. i was theyre enemy?

        isabella was their enemy from the start?!


        do they even know i heard that

        Emma Reply

    1. i have a gut feeling it minerva idk dont @ me if im wrong-


  1. BITCH WHAT WTF why didn’t he tell them come on let’s be nice let’s be nice!!!! HE SAVED THEIR LIVES would it rly have been so hard to tell them that. also who tf is }%)*(¤j’+{” pls this is so confusing… is it like the master demon that was the one that was gonna eat ray emma n norman?

    daggergirl Reply

  2. Wait…so Minerva? I have a feeling Minerva may be the big evil. OH THESE POOR KIDS 🙁

    knuckerbuckers Reply

  3. I think the *^*&(& dude is supposed to be “the one” in the anima at least theirs a scean of the demons talking and they mention “the one” so that probs the big daddy

    Rober1997 Reply

  4. “you take your eyes off Ray for a second and he’s already getting himself killed”
    i died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vanika Stark Reply

  5. This might sound crazy, but I think he’s talking about either Minerva or Humankind overall. This is because he uses the broken promise. Either way, I can’t wait to see what it is

    Coffin_guy Reply

  6. The random squiggles translate to “The one” or “Him” kinda like the bible yknow

    Sai Reply

  7. Wait…
    the pact said that demons and people can’t hunt each other
    and they followed the pact by rising the children and then eating them bc they weren’t hunting
    Now, when Emma, Ray and other children escaped, they are technicaly being hunted
    wich is against their law

    Pomburek Reply

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