34 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 51

  1. What a fake. That why you can’t trust anybody. Good thing they didn’t do something stupid or he would have killed them. 💀 💀

    ヽ( ᐖゞ)ᵈᵃᵇ Reply

    1. Aughhhh so right now there is a 65% chance that minerva isn’t all that he seems either

      Ruby Reply

    1. same broo i only trust musica and emma ray and the kids butr sung joo he gonna kill musica

      i feel it bro

      Emma Reply

    1. At least Musica wasn’t a traitor….

      And honestly, maybe this is how animals feel…. This really is giving me headache….

      Ru Reply

  2. Omg, what a traitor! I really don’t understand how people cant just restrain themselves from eating humans there’s like tons of more things to eat smh.

    Zadia Danon Reply

      1. Foreal its primal instinct we eat cattle and other animals but as soon as we think of something eating us we get defensive which is also instinct (fight or flight)

        Yillow Reply

    1. we do the same thing as the “factory meat” idea they put in there. We’re no better

      Birdo Reply

  3. You guys really don’t understand this demons so stfu. They’re not a traitor, I mean they didn’t done anything wrong

    PasiikaT Reply

      1. frl tho its just they need to live if not they die this is for survival dont get it stop reading

        Emma Reply

  4. so many thoughts. first off, musica is such a baddie i can’t wait to see her animated. second, seven walls for seven continents? third SUNGJOO WTF this is why i have trust issues i seriously thought he was cool. “i can’t wait to stuff my face with human meat again” i feel so betrayed it’s insane. this is on-par with when i found out my dad cheated on my mom omfg

    daggergirl Reply

  5. im literally so excited to see musica animated BEC LIKE SHE BETRAYED HER OWN KIND AND HER LIKE PERSON WHO GOES WITH HER EVERYWHERE FOR THE KIDS! like imma start being bi for her-


  6. i feel like the whole fandom is just tyra banks saying “how could you we were rooting for you we were ALL rooting for you, learn something from this!”

    teacup Reply

  7. Hes not traitor though, he didnt betrayed them. HE MAYBE LIED TO THEM. But Its just his resolved so he can eat humans again. Hes a faker not a traitor

    Norman Reply

  8. This is somewhat I expected right from the start but I still can’t help to be disappointed. Oh no I Emma and kids 🙁

    shashishushesho Reply

  9. omfg i cannot ouu im intrigued hehe i wonder whatll happen if they happen to run into him again

    evelynnnnnnxx Reply

  10. Ok honestly, everyone here can agree that Música is the best new character so far because she wasn’t a traitor

    OOF- Reply

  11. Yo wut- Even tho I was rooting for sonjun, this was still an awesome plot-twist…

    E Reply

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