The Promised Neverland, Chapter 51

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  1. ヽ( ᐖゞ)ᵈᵃᵇ

    What a fake. That why you can’t trust anybody. Good thing they didn’t do something stupid or he would have killed them. 💀 💀

      1. Com

        I agree with you. No one in this manga (besides the main characters of course) seem trustworthy to me.

        everything is so confusiinnggg!!!!

  2. Zadia Danon

    Omg, what a traitor! I really don’t understand how people cant just restrain themselves from eating humans there’s like tons of more things to eat smh.

      1. Yillow

        Foreal its primal instinct we eat cattle and other animals but as soon as we think of something eating us we get defensive which is also instinct (fight or flight)

    1. Thag One Annoying Weeb

      “I really don’t understand how people can’t just restrain themselves from eating humans there’s like tons of other things to eat smh” well tbh aren’t we the same? We’re no better. Instead of raising animals and slaughter them to be eaten we could all be vegetarian or something. That factory thing sadly happens too in reality with animals. And no, it’s not “less worse than humans”, since when are humans superior to animals? We’re all living creatures, replacing those kids with animals doesn’t make it any better.

      1. anon

        It kinda isn’t the same tho. For the same reasons you would be more disgusted by a cannibal, than a guy eating a piece of fish.

      2. Randomweeb

        Uhm yeah but we humans evolved this way, we were meant to eat meat, just like any carnivorous animals. And the demons so far, i suppose eat humans because they just want to.
        Which is entirely different and unnatural from us

  3. PasiikaT

    You guys really don’t understand this demons so stfu. They’re not a traitor, I mean they didn’t done anything wrong

  4. daggergirl

    so many thoughts. first off, musica is such a baddie i can’t wait to see her animated. second, seven walls for seven continents? third SUNGJOO WTF this is why i have trust issues i seriously thought he was cool. “i can’t wait to stuff my face with human meat again” i feel so betrayed it’s insane. this is on-par with when i found out my dad cheated on my mom omfg


    im literally so excited to see musica animated BEC LIKE SHE BETRAYED HER OWN KIND AND HER LIKE PERSON WHO GOES WITH HER EVERYWHERE FOR THE KIDS! like imma start being bi for her-

  6. teacup

    i feel like the whole fandom is just tyra banks saying “how could you we were rooting for you we were ALL rooting for you, learn something from this!”

  7. Norman

    Hes not traitor though, he didnt betrayed them. HE MAYBE LIED TO THEM. But Its just his resolved so he can eat humans again. Hes a faker not a traitor

  8. shashishushesho

    This is somewhat I expected right from the start but I still can’t help to be disappointed. Oh no I Emma and kids 🙁

  9. Kikka

    All of you that are upset at this “scenario” and wish to stop animal suffering, should just go vegan.
    Been vegan for 6 years and my only regret is “not doing it sooner”