20 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland, Chapter 56

    1. Yes :> I swear I feel stupid, those children are smarter than meh ;-;

      | (• ◡•)| hi Reply

  1. oh no…the demons already have an idea about B-0632. i hope they won’t find it.

    ninyapple Reply

  2. its 1am idk how to stop read this manga,i love this sm,literally cant wait for this to be animated

    Ara Reply

        1. Season 2 is coming out as of January 2021, but season one has already been released. It’s on Netflix and you can find it on many other platforms too.

          Ritsu Reply

  3. my simp scale is going up and down about this guy but hes kinda ugly so nvm

    Sky :'D Reply

  4. Bro Idk man I still have sus on that guy I still think he’ll agree but only for his own selfish reasons. I don’t trust this dude he’s too sus

    Blub Reply

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