The Promised Neverland, Chapter 65

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  1. H* *ec*m** a *at*e* fi*u** \ (•◡•) /

    My sister just told me spoilers about “mister” nod I kinda regret my previous comments. (;一_一)

  2. Malik Clayton

    This guy is reminding Zuko-like character change from hating Emma and Ray to now creating his own path to honor his fallen friends.

  3. Nununana

    Im thinking that manerva is either wealthy demons or a human but controlled by other demons. The thing is why the hell did this old man keep it shut this whole time. Smh

  4. Apples

    Does that mean this “Minerva” guy is a bad guy after all for guiding them to that place (A08-63)? Though, he did guide them to the shelter, right? Is it all a trap?