The Promised Neverland, Chapter 68

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  1. Some dude

    Humans go fox hunting beat elephant mothers to make them obediant humans are just as bad as demons. We also have cattle

      1. Nigger

        Fuck that I like meet to mofuckin much to let paper and words make me not eat fried brains good af especially if you hunt plus free sex toy

    1. That One Annoying Weeb

      no, isabella was WAY better. she had so much development and way more character, and god, she was way creepier. i just want this guy to die at the hands of emma die bitch die

      1. γ€œ(κ’ͺκ’³κ’ͺ)γ€œ

        Yaas I love bad guys who have their side of story to them like bad guys not by choice!!so diee bish dieee