The Promised Neverland, Chapter 97

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          1. Night Apple Is Poison Apple

            I think she did. At the end of Chapter Something Adam began mumbling Norman’s number, and Emma noticed it in the last panel. Emma had those lines around her, which I can’t really describe well but in comics they always put those kind of tiny lines around the character’s head when they notice something. I am 100% percent sure she noticed it. However, in the next chapter for some reason Emma didn’t question it any further.

    1. Com

      She technically didn’t betray mankind because she made promises to keep *most* humans from being hunted. He just sacrificed real people to be eaten as animals raised on farms with good or bad conditions. It’s the same concept with wagyu except it’s only for eating.

      1. Com

        It’s for the greater good of humans. But she didn’t do it for that sake. Judging from the way she talks about them, she probably has no remorse and is doing it for other reasons. If that’s the case, then what she is doing is absolutely wrong.

  1. Emma

    Sacrificing a little percent of human for the rest of the human kind, that might be a rational thing but it is not something that we can emotionally approve. These humans arent even trying to save the cattle children(like Minerva did) such a selfish bastard, thousand years had passed still they didnt planned anything.

    1. >;3

      It reminds me of this short story I read. The ones who walk away from omelas. Same basic concept of if it’s worth sacrificing someone or a small group, for the betterment of everyone else.

    2. rayornorman?howboutboth?lmao

      man I really hope that they could talk out to mister whatever his name is and make a better “promise” that could actually benefit both humans and demons and no one will be sacrificed and there will never be a plantation ever again, but then again you can never get what you really want the harsh reality, BUT then again this is a manga for goodness sake what am i doing lol

    1. Anabia Naz

      they hinted in the anime, when gilda heard sister krone saying “do you know of ‘the one'” i believe the censored words are ‘the one’but im not sure who it is

  2. Ru

    My real name is Ratri. And every time they mention it, I freak out. Why the fuck did they have to name this asshole Ratri?!?@?#+#?#(৳+৳+

  3. Haides

    Why can’t the humanity develop a weapon that can kill a demon in one shot and get rid of them completely, they have all the time they have but didn’t even do a thing, peace can’t last forever you know, some or someone will always trigger a war