The Promised Neverland, Chapter 99

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    1. Phil

      Okay, I dont know why I’m wrighting this un this chapter, but well, here are the reasons that make muy think that Adam IS Norman.
      1) As you know, he says His number allá the Time. Or said.
      2) If you look at them both, they are actually very similar. Like the Jair.
      3) I dont know in what chapter, but when they told us that Norman was not dead AND showed all the test he was passing AND all, there was a scene thet they where in a corridor AND behind the window there where many super strong kids.

      It seems VERY VERY suspicius , am I right?

      1. Blub

        What I think is Adam is just a clone of him. You see, they didn’t kill Norman and they kept him alive and he’s in that room where they give him test so what I think is those people you see in that one frame a few chapters back, they were just test subjects gone wrong. It’s as if those people there are failed clones of Norman or maybe not even Norman maybe like other people there that are so smart they want to make more to please the demons.

      2. Night Apple Is Poison Apple

        No no no, Adam is not Norman. I thought that was very clear when Norman showed up. Norman is most likely still being held in that place, trying to think of a plan to escape. When he walked alongside those doctors in the corridor thingy, you could see there was a huge class separating the corridor and a chamber full of people being watched by two demons. Those people were, I think, clones of Norman. Since Norman is big brain and a premium merchandise, they want to clone him so that they have more premium quality children and feed those clones to the demons. And when Norman walked in the corridor, we could see a huge clone of Norman behind the glass, and that kid was probably Adam.

      3. Somebody

        Nope Adam is definitely not Norman. Adam was saying Norman’s number all the time cuz he saw Norman from the what’s that place again? The place where Peter Ratri bring all them there. Maybe Adam is trying to tell them to rescue Norman since Norman is from the garce field same as Emma and Ray. That’s my opinion but the sure thibg is Adam is NOT Norman

  1. Subarashi(✯ᴗ✯)

    I can’t take it, they need to know Norman is alive. In the next five chapters I need to see Norman if not i’ll flip this table

    1. Mnemosyne

      I’d very much like to know if you flipped the table. Guess I’m gonna find out myself in the next five chapters

  2. DandelionFluff

    Aahh I really started to like Oliver and was hoping he’d join Emma and Ray on that trip 🙁 I’m sad now that he won’t. Well perhaps he is still recovering from his last injury, I mean it was pretty serious so starting a new hardcore mission probably would be too much for him but still EH.

  3. DandelionFluff

    And oh gosh look at the Yuugo’s face when he suggested Emma to take Violet and Zack with them OMG he totally loves these kinds now but he’s too tsundere to show it 🤣 I didn’t like him at first but now I see his true nature and feel kinda stupid for my previous feelings towards him. He’s great anyway